A Han Solo Movie is a Terrible Idea

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When Disney bought Lucasfilms for the tune of $4 Billion we knew we’d be getting more movies, and we knew we’d be getting Episodes VII, VIII, and IX, and then maybe down the road a ways X, XI, and XII (which my mind can’t even comprehend right now), but who would have thought that we’d get anthology movies every other year (in between the episodes).  I don’t know how I feel about these anthology movies just yet, to me, the movies have always been about the Skywalker family and the now extinct Extended Universe novels and comics (and games) kind of covered everything else, but I’ll hold off a full opinion after the first film Rogue One comes out next year.

The second planned film is a young Han Solo film and to me this just a bad idea.  I’ve never been a huge fan of prequels mostly because we already know happens.  The Star Wars Prequels (in spite of my disdain for them) are an exception to that rule, because the brief story we got from Obi Wan about the Clone Wars and Vader killing the Jedi seemed like a great story.  Even with Rouge One, which is the story on how the Rebels got the Death Star Plans, that has nothing to do with our main heroes from Episodes IV-VI, all we know is that they succeed in their mission, but we don’t know how, who, and who lives (if anyone) so there is a lot there to surprise us.

In this Solo flick we’re just going to get a snippet of his smuggling days, where that would be something that might interest me if we could de-age Harrison Ford, it’s not something I’m too terribly interested in seeing it.  I’d much rather a series of books or comics handling this and many other stories Han’s past.  Seeing another actor such as Dave Franco playing Han will take me out of the movie completely.  By the way, that’s not a shot at Dave Franco, I very much like him, but, like Indiana Jones, that role belongs to Harrison Ford and no one else.

For these anthology films (again, I’m not sure if they’re that necessary) but I’d much rather them cover stories of characters we either don’t know, or have only heard about on screen but note seen.  Like if Snoke isn’t Darth Plagueis (which you can read about that theory here), I’d like to see a Plagueis film, or even a Knights of the Old Republic film.

I’m sure this film will have Chewie, Lando, Jabba, and probably Boba Fett (since his movie got cancelled) and maybe even Greedo, and we know all of these characters will live and probably any characters we’re introduced to will meet their end.  There won’t be too much suspense in this film, and again, seeing Han Solo not played by Harrison Ford might be too jarring for me to suspend my disbelief.  Maybe instead of a young Solo film, Disney throws even more money at Ford and we get a smuggling adventure of Solo and Chewie in between Episode VI and VII, I feel that would be more fun than a younger solo played by someone else.

What do you think dear reader?  Are you excited to see further adventures of Han Solo even if he’s not played by Ford?  Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Agreed Josh. Han Solo is still a living character played by a now legendary actor in Harrison Ford. As long as Ford is still alive, kicking, acting and for quite a while afterwards I do not believe it would be in anyone’s interest to attempt to make a movie utilizing one of his characters in any period pieces that would require a different actor. A historical or period piece of Han Solo could be made in the far future after both the iconic character and/or actor have somewhat faded from the public conscience. I am however looking forward to seeing Harrison Ford reprise his character in the upcoming sequal to Blade Runner. After such a terrible Indiana Jones reprisal, this is one I am really pinning my hopes on!

  2. True movie goers can see Each movie as it is meant to be an entity onto its self. I bveelie any actor can play many roles well within one genre. It is pulling off the portrayal of that character.I enjoy Ryan Remolds ability to make every role his own and I enjoy his range of acting, I find it refreshing.I find Sandra Bullock to be that kinds of actress as well. Evain

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