Tom Clancy’s The Division Open Beta Impressions

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First and foremost this is not a review, this is just my impressions of my time with the Beta of the Division this past weekend.

With that said at first I wasn’t enjoying the The Division Beta because the game is kind of difficult when you go on your own, but once you have a friend or two with you in that game it is a pretty enjoyable game.

The game for those of you under a rock for the last few month The Division is a multiplayer online RPG third person shooter from Ubi Soft (we’ve been writing a lot about them lately) and the plot is about a virus being released in New York City and all insanity ensues and it’s your job to take back the city.

Like I said above this game is definitely more fun when playing with a group and a lot of that stems from the RPG elements of the game.  In the game when you shoot someone you see hit points drain from them like in your traditional RPGs like Final Fantasy or a Shooter RPG like Borderlands.  However, when I’m shooting at someone in what is supposed to be a realistic game and it takes an entire clip to kill them it gets annoying and costs a lot of ammo.  Even head shots don’t drop enemies quickly.  Given that this is a beta and not the final product hopefully Ubi Soft can make adjustments to this aspect of the game.

You only get two missions to complete in the beta, and both of them are fetch quests, you need to get a medical expert and an electrical expert to help get your base up and running.  After the second mission is completed you can still free roam the beta (which I assume the final game has a sandbox element to it) which will give you some random encounters with people trying to loot and cause various chaos throughout the city as well as venturing into the “Dark Zone” which is a highly contaminated area where you can fight other players on line in a PvP style play, but there is also new and rare loot to obtain in this area.

It will be interesting to see the how Ubi Soft pulls off this game.  For me this feels like a combination of World of War Craft and Destiny (curiously both Activision games).  Like I said the beta was fun, but I’ve been in fun betas that didn’t turn out into fun games.  In the end Ubi Soft seems to be putting a lot on this game and with their new model of not doing yearly sequels and creating a lasting experience with updates and DLC, so the Division could be huge for Ubi Soft and like Destiny could last a while.

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