The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind Trailer

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Man oh man dear reader, sit back because we’re going all in on this one.

Anyone who knows me knows I love, freaking LOVE, the Legend of Zelda.  My love affair with this game goes back to first grade when I was at my friend Luke’s birthday party and he got this golden cartridge for his Nintendo Entertainment System, and that cartridge was The Legend of Zelda.

He popped it in and started playing and died almost immediately, he then gave me a turn and I was on there for a long time (or at least it seemed that way) and I was hooked.  A few years later for my tenth birthday my parents got me a Super Nintendo and my Granny Franny bought me The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (still my favorite Zelda game, suck it Ocarina and Majora).  After playing that game for the first time there was no going back for me as far as the series goes.

The trailer opens with a grass field and a woman saying “open your eyes” and we get a look at fields and what looks to be like the ruins of Hyrule, then we get “wake up Link” and we see what appears to be “Link” going around Hyrule climbing, jumping, gliding, creating things out of thin air.

A couple things I noticed about this trailer, there is a complete lack of towns people, in fact people in general.  We only see animals and monsters, we don’t even see Princess Zelda.  Also, I’m not sure if this person in blue is Link.  There were theories when the original trailer was revealed that this might not be Link because this person is right handed and not left handed.  The only game where Link is right handed is Twilight Princess on the Wii, the Wii U and Gamecube releases all had Link as left handed.  So this might not be Link or the NX might have motion controls (god I hope not).

Lastly we see the Master Sword alone in a field with moss growing on it.  This tells a couple of things, one it takes place after A Link to the Past because that’s one of the few Zelda games where the Master Sword is not in the Temple of Time, also the sword has not been used in a long time which could me Gannon has been defeated and not returned for some time or Gannon won, which could explain the ruins and lack of people.

Anyways, spring 2017 can’t get here soon enough.


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