The Hidden Cost of The Nintendo Switch

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So you’re getting a Nintendo on the Switch at launch, so right there you know you’re going to spend $299.99 and odds are you’re buying The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, so that’s another $59.99, so right off the bat you’re dropping $360 basically, but you’re well aware of that cost and you’re fine with it, but in all of your hype you probably forgot things you’ll need for the system, and because I’m a numbers guy, and I like to bring people down, I’m here to sober you up on all the hidden costs of owning a Nintendo Switch.

Probably a lot of people are going to be just fine with Zelda at launch, it is supposedly a big game and will probably take up a lot of your time, however, there are other games out there and they’ll range between $39.99-$59.99, so let’s just say you grab Bomberman like me, you’re total is now at $409.97, before tax.

Next up is the Pro Controller because the Joy Cons and their holder might not be your thing, well that’s another $69.99, so now you’re at $479.96.

Oh and we’re not done, the Switch only has 32 GB of memory in the system alone so if you plan on digitally downloading your games you’re going to need to upgrade the memory because a few games like Dragon Quest Heroes are more than 32GBs.  I’m probably going to grab a 64 GB Micro SD card which starts at $19.99 but you can get a 128 GB Mico SD card for around $40, but lets say you go 64 like me, that brings your total to $499.95.

A few more things you’ll need because this is a portable system, a carrying case, those range from $19.99 to $39.99, but we’ll go conservative and say you go wit the case that just carries the portable part so we’re at $519.94, and you’ll also want to protect that screen and you can get glass screen protectors for $9.99, and if you’re playing Zelda on the go and want more than about 3 hours of game play you’ll need a USB C cable for about $10.99 as well as a meaty back up battery and here is one for $13.99. So now we’re at a whopping $544.92, and that is if you don’t want a second set of Joy Cons for $79.99 which will then blast you above $600, not to mention the $19.99 Zelda DLC pack.

Don’t worry I’m not really trying to rain on your parade, I just wanted to prepare you for all of what you might have to spend.   Anyways, we’re less than 15 hours away from the midnight launch, and don’t forget to check in with our YouTube and Facebook pages for live broadcasts from the line and our unboxing shortly after midnight.

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