Street Fighter V Fixed but Not Whole

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When Street Fighter V came out it was a broken mess, you couldn’t get online to fight other players, when you completed story modes you didn’t get your fighter money (which you can use to buy characters and costumes instead of spending real money), not to mention there is no Arcade Mode.

Well all of the online problems and fighter money have been fixed.  Getting online to play isn’t a problem anymore and when you complete a fight in story mode you get your fighter money (YAY!).

SFV huh

However, here is the problem with Street Fighter, it feels like a light game.  Obviously it appears that Capcom’s focus is to get you online fighting and strengthening the fighting game community.  That’s all well and good, but I don’t always want to go online and fight other humans.  For one, I’m not the fighting game player I used to be, back on the SNES I was all about Street Fighter and would take on all comers, now a days I have way more responsibilities so I don’t have all the time in the world to get really good and where I enjoy the occasional online fight I don’t like doing it that much.

Also, one of my favorite features of the Street Fighter series is the arcade mode.  You just pick your favorite fighter (Ken for me) and you go around the world in the game and fight the other fighters until you get to the final boss and face him countless times because he’s a cheap ass mother fucker.  You might argue there is a Story Mode, and the story in each mode is nice, but there is only 3 fights per fighter and no boss fight.  It’s just a nice little thing but no replacement for Arcade mode.


I don’t want to mislead you, I’m enjoying Street Fighter V but I feel it’s not a $60 game.  It’s pretty and it’s fun but I don’t think I’m getting $60 worth out it, at least not yet.  This can be easily fixed through updates and free DLC.  For instance this month they are adding Challenge Mode to the game, why it’s not there is beyond me since the option is in the menus just grayed out, so maybe the game shouldn’t have shipped until March?

So the game that you bought is no longer broken but I don’t feel like we’re getting our money’s worth, at least not for someone who doesn’t dive into the world of online fighting, even then I’m not sure if that is $60 game.  So Capcom, give us an update soon, and give us Arcade mode, please.

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