Street Fighter V Broken?

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Since Street Fighter V the PS4 exclusive has been broken since it launched on Tuesday of this week and many players are calling it a ripoff.

Sadly both go hand and hand.  The online services for the game have been broken since launch so getting online to beat the shit out of some noob is inaccessible right now.

mk vs sf

The ripoff part comes from players complaint about the lack of game play options within the game.  There is a story mode but it’s paltry in comparison to other fighters (especially it’s main competitor Mortal Kombat), the story mode consists of you fighting four single round matches per character, unlike previous Street Fighters where you fought every fighter in a standard best of 3 matches.

There also is no arcade mode.  Your only other choices are online match making, which doesn’t work, and training, which let’s face it, no one really uses.

The ripoff and broken aspects of this game collide when it comes to earning additional characters.  You can pay roughly $6 a character when they’re released (Alex being the first) or spend 100,000 fight money to earn these characters.  To get 100,000 fight monies, you have win (not play) 2,000 matches.  Also you can earn the needed 100,000 fight monies by playing through story mode for each character.  Here’s the catch though, if you’re not online (and you’re not currently) you don’t earn the fight money and if you already completed the story modes there is a chance that you can’t do it again to earn the fight money.

SFV huh

Addressing the problems here is kind of tricky.  First up, no one outside of Capcom really knows what the hell is up with their servers.  Street Fighter V was announced over a year ago so you would think they should have had enough time to get the server problem corrected.

As far as lack of content is concerned I think that blame lies more with us the players than Capcom (kind of).  The Fighter Game scene has changed a bit.  More so, the hardcore fighter gamers simply play in online matches (much like shooters) and they don’t bother with the other features, so why would Capcom spend the money on features their die-hard fans won’t be playing.  This is a problem for more casual fighter fans (like myself), but I don’t think the majority of the developers of fighters are too worried about us anyways.  The golden era of the fighter (Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat, Virtua Fighter, Killer Instinct, etc.,) is gone and what remains are the hardcore fans and that’s who Capcom is catering too.  The problem is Capcom has screwed the pooch here with server issues and a pay to play model for earning characters.

The player reviews have been ruthless, with a 3.5 on metacritic and a 1.9 user review on

Capcom, for what it’s worth, has issued an apology and has vowed to fix the problems, but like we saw with Assassin’s Creed Unity, launching a broken game doesn’t just hurt that game, but future games in a franchise as seen by the sagging sales of Syndicate and the fact that Ubi Soft isn’t going to be releasing an AC game at all in 2016.


This was almost the game that was going to get me to finally buy a PS4, because I love Street Fighter and this was the first PS4 exclusive that I was excited about (side not, the only fanboy-isms I have are towards Nintendo, nostalgia, I went with a XB1 because of exclusives) but also I joked that buying a PS4 for SFV was foolish since we all know there will be SUPER, MEGA HYPER, and SUPER MEGA HYPER editions of the game to come and eventually will make its way to the XB1.  In hindsight I’m glad I didn’t buy the PS4 (yet) and preorder SFV because I would have been pissed.  I guess at this point I’m just going to wait for the Uncharted 4 to come out.

So what say you dear reader?  Did you get SFV yet?  Are you pissed?  Are you happy?  Let us know in the comments below.  Also don’t forget to check out our sponsor Photo60 Studios, our YouTube page and search for the podcast on iTunes Talkloud Radio.

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