Star Fox Zero

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In Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct Mr. Miyamoto shed some new light on Star Fox Zero, and let me just take a second… I’m tearing up okay, I’ve been waiting for this game since I bought a Wii U, and well I’m a little overjoyed.  

As much as I’ve always loved Star Wars, their games have always been hit or miss on the vehicle levels, you know what hasn’t been hit or miss?  Star Fox, no game has made me truly feel like a Rebel Alliance pilot, and should I now say Resistance.  Either way, Star Fox 64 in my opinion is the best dog fighting game ever!  And it’s update on the 3DS is just as good but in 3D! and better graphics as well.  So needless to say that this new Star Fox is a dream come true for me.  There are a few different vehicle modes in the game like your AR Wing, the tank, and a new walker mode (no word if the sub comes back) but also like the previous games certain levels have secret off shoots to them so you can progress to different levels.  I’ve always loved this about Star Fox because it gives me more replay-ability for this series. 

Like most releases now on the Wii U you can use amiibos with it as well.  The only one they go into detail about is the Star Fox amiibo allowing you to use the classic SNES AR Wing in the game.  I have to wonder what the Best Buy exclusive Falco will let you do.  Oh shit, what about Captain Falcon from F-Zero, there is a fan theory about him being connected to Fox’s dad, oh shit, did I just start a rumor?

star fox guard

Also with the game comes Star Fox Guard, where you play as Slippy’s (fucking Slippy) Uncle as you guard your factory using cameras (reminds me of Five Nights at Freddy’s) and lasers (bet you wish you had those in FNAFs).  It looks kind of cool, but I’m not so sure about it, I’m glad it comes with Star Fox Zero so I can try it out.  This definitely looks like a game that I’ll either love or never want to play again.  Both games will be out together in a bundle on April 22.

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