Red Dead Redemption To the Xbox One?

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Over the weekend playable versions of Red Dead Redemption, Castlevainia Symphony of the Night, and Tekken Tag began popping up on Xbox One.  Basically there was a glitch that allowed Xbox One owners to access test plays of these games.

Microsoft’s Major Nelson took to Reddit to explain the whole situation and told everyone that these games were not yet available for backwards capability, but were basically beta tests to see how they would run.  The good news from this is that these games are being tested so will probably be in the next wave of backwards games to the system.  The bad news is, we don’t know when.

Also, a lot of players noted that Red Dead seemed like it was complete so why isn’t it available (which by the way I will be buying once it is)?  Well the guys from Funhuas have a theory.  Back in November they reported on rumors that a sequel to Red Dead would be coming out at some point and what better way to promote the sequel than to have the original on the Xbox One.    To me this makes perfect sense, instead of spending a ton of money on promotions leading up to the release of the sequel (or prequel) you have the game at the front of the Xbox Live Store so people are seeing it, Twitching it, and YouTubing it.  Rockstar Games will get a ton of free publicity from just rereleasing the game on the Xbox One store and make a little money in the process.

Only time will tell really, but honestly I can’t wait for the backwards compatibility for this game so much so I’ve held off on re-buying it so I can just download a digital copy once it shows up.

So what do you think about Red Dead or the other two games that leaked this weekend?  Are you excited for them or have you already beaten them to death to the point where you don’t care?  Let us know in the comments below.

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