PS4 Pro Meeting, Was it Disappointing?

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In short, yes, it was very disappointing, and the long answer is sadly also yes.  Maybe part of it was that the PS4 Slim (which is just called the PS4) was already out in the wild thanks to possible theft, but we all had seen an unboxing of it.  Not to mention we got some leaked sketches and mock-ups regarding the Pro which were almost completely spot on.  At this point were just waiting on what the hardware underneath the plastic was and of course what Rockstar was going to show.

First up, Rockstar didn’t show.  There were a lot of rumors abound that we’d get the announcement of a new Red Dead game, then the rumor was that it would be a remastered version of Red Dead Redemption.  Though we reported on these rumors we also tried to temper expectations because we didn’t think Sony would want their thunder stolen and Rockstar would probably want their own event to announce a new game.

So what’s great about the PS4 Pro?  Well you can stream 4K movies and television from the likes of Netflix, but no UHD Blu Ray player in the Pro (which the Xbox One S has), it will have game upscaling and not true 4K gaming like on the PC and what we can expect from the Xbox Project Scorpio, and it will support HDR (along with the PS4 and PS4 Slim with a firmware update).

So what does that mean?  Well it means if you have a 4K TV, especially one that supports HDR than your games will look better with a PS4 Pro, however, not having true 4K gaming could hurt this console, especially once the Scorpio is released.

Honestly, nothing about the “Meeting” yesterday did anything to convince me to upgrade my PS4.  I do have a 4K TV but with the lack of 4K gaming and a UHD does nothing to move the needle for me.  Yes their is 4K Streaming, but I can do that thru my TV without the PS4, so again, nothing there to really get me to upgrade.  I felt similar to the Xbox One S.  When that launched I was all but ready to pre-order the Gears of War bundle, but given that it isn’t true 4K gaming either I decided to wait on the Scorpio.  The UHD player in the S is nice (seriously Sony why did you not include this) but it’s something I can do without.

ps4 slim

So in the end, much like the Apple Event this Meeting was a lot of hype with very little delivered.  Granted like I said, a lot of this was because of leaks leading up to the event, but I did expect more from the PS4 Pro and I’m sorely disappointed by the lack of 4K gaming and a UHD Blu Ray Player, this does make me wonder if this system solely exists so the PS VR runs smoothly since there have been persistent rumors that VR won’t run well on regular PS4s.

The PS4 Slim will release next week on the 15th for $299 and the 1TB PS4 Pro will release on November 10 for $399.

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