What We Want From A Pokemon Go Update

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With Pokemon Go taking the the world by storm and defeating porn once and for all (well maybe not, but for now at least) there is no doubt that there will be an update eventually, that and Niantic said they were going to update the app soon (for more on that click HERE).  However there are some things we’d like to see added in the future.

Fix the Server Issue:

One of the biggest downsides to online all the time games is that if the servers are down you can’t play.  I’m sure we’ve all at one time seen the “Retry” or the “The Servers are down” and that can be frustrating enough, but for me my biggest pet-peeve is when I find a rare Pokemon and throw my ball (sometimes great ball) and then it freezes.  The only thing you can do at this point is reset the game.  It seems like when your game freezes you have a 50/50 chance of actually catching that Pokemon.  However, the more rare the Pokemon I’ve found they aren’t there when my game reboots.  This might be the most infuriating part of the game is battling a Pokemon, catching a Pokemon and the game collapses.

pokemon go tracking


Allow us to trade.  The trailer showed training, and where I’m lucky enough to work in DC and my lunch break consists of me running around the National Mall I have plenty of opportunities to catch a lot of Pokemon.  I also have friends who work in other areas and catch Pokemon I haven’t seen.  It would be nice if we could get together and trade.


Not just gym battles but allow us to not only trade with but battle friends.  Maybe allowing us to wager XP.  You and your friend wager XP and the winner (like in poker) takes all.  It would be a fun way to challenge friends and to level up.

Adding More Pokemon:

Now I don’t want them to do all of this at once.  But every few month release a few new one with an update.  That will keep us playing because the heart of this game is going out and exploring and trying to catch new Pokemon, and earning candies to evolve the ones we have.  Once we’ve caught them all how many of us will come back just to catch the same ones over and over again.  Periodically releasing new Pokemon to catch will no doubt keep people coming back.  After all there are over 700 Pokemon now, and only the original 151 in this game, so we’ve got a ways to go.

That’s our list dear reader, what do you think?  Did we leave something out that you’d like to see in the future updates?  Let us know in the comments below.


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