Tips and Tricks for Pokemon Go

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Why hello there dear reader, I see you’ve come for some tips and tricks for Pokemon Go and you won’t be disappointed.  However, this is more or less a beginners guide for those just getting started in the game, we’ll have more advance techniques up later on.

Getting Started

So when you start the game you design your character and meet Professor Willow (yes, yes, I’m upset that it’s not Professor Oak either but we have to move on) and he explains the basics of the game.  He gives you a couple Pokeballs and sends you on your way.  Immediately three Pokemon appear (Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander) the starters from the original game.  Unlike the game it doesn’t matter which you choose since you won’t be facing off against a rock type gym to start the game, so just pick which ever one you like.


After that one of the first things you’re going to want to do is find a local Pokestop or two.  At these stops you can get items like Pokeballs (which you need to catch Pokemon), Razzberries (which help aid in catching Pokemon), eggs (which you can hatch to get new Pokemon), Sprays (to heal Pokemon) and revives which revive your Pokemon who were knocked out in battle.

A pro tip about the Pokestops you can revisit them after about five minutes.  So say there is a Pokestop outside a store you go to, hit up the stop on your way in and then hit it back up on your way out.

Throwing Pokeballs

Throwing Pokeballs is key.  You can’t just toss them and hope catch one, you have to actually hit the Pokemon for the ball to open to catch them.  Lower CP (combat points) Pokemon are pretty easy to catch.  They’ll have a pulsating green circles when you’re getting ready to throw the ball.  Also the smaller circle means the better chance you have of catching the Pokemon, and it will say “nice” or “great” and you get extra XP for those throws.  There are also “curved” throws but we’ll save those for a more advanced tips and tricks.


There are two type of eggs in this game.  The first being actual Pokemon Eggs.  You get these eggs at Pokestops and when you level up.  These eggs have to be incubated in order to hatch.  When you start you are equipped with one and you put an egg in there (you can earn more incubators as you play).  Each egg you get has a number in kilometers under it (2, 5, 10), that’s the distance you have to go to hatch it.  You can walk, run, or bike (sorry, can’t cheat with a car) in order to hatch that egg.  The longer the distance the better or more rare the Pokemon.  So incubate your eggs and get walking.

The second kind of eggs are Lucky Eggs.  These don’t hatch Pokemon but what they do if you use them is double the experience you earn for 30 minutes.  This will help you level up faster.  A quick tip if you have a Lucky Egg and a few Pokemon close to evolving save the egg and evolve a few Pokemon at the same time, this will get you a lot of XP.



Whenever you catch a Pokemon you’ll earn candies based on that Pokemon, for example catch a Pidgey and you get Pidgey candy (same for any evolved form of that Pokemon).  Those candies can be used (along with Stardust which you get when catching Pokemon) to power up your Pokemon, or save the candy and you can evolve your Pokemon, this can take 12, 25, 50, or even 400 canides to do so.  Another way to earn candies is to transfer extra Pokemon you have to Professor Willow.  He’ll give you a candy for each Pokemon you transfer.

These are you basic tips and tricks for now.  We’ll be back soon with more advanced tips later in the week so make sure you check back soon.

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