Pokemon Go Update

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So I’ve spent an entire weekend playing Pokemon Go and here is my updated review of it.  It’s still fantastic. The game is a blast and I love the aspect that it encourages you to get off your ass and head outside and see the world.  Also, in spite of a lot news articles (a lot of them I suspect are just click bait) pretty much all of the Poke Stops I’ve seen have been landmarks and places of interest where you can learn.  In fact, near where I live is a National Park called Government Island, it has a ton of Poke Stops (all are information bulletins along the nature trail) and two gym.  Just a quick history lesson, Government Island is a sandstone quarry where the sandstone the White House and Capitol are from.  Each Poke Stop here was on an educational bulletin that when we got to them I had my son read so not only were we outside spending time together he was also learning some American History in the process.

pokemone go nelsonGranted though there are some dummies out there.  I have seen some people playing while drive, but also I’ve seen people texting, and reading the newspaper while driving, so this isn’t a new thing, there are just irresponsible people out there.  Folks, don’t play Pokemon Go while driving, make your passenger play for you, like I did.  Part of me hopes for an update to the game that if you’re going over a certain speed that the game won’t work, like say over 15 mph (that way bikers can still get their eggs incubated).  However, as someone who carpools to work and caught two Pokemon I didn’t have today while not driving this does create a problem for some.  However, in the idea of safety I’ll sacrifice catching Pokemon on my commute if it stops dumbasses from hurting people.

Also another great feature to this game in the aspects of get out and go is the eggs.  You can find eggs at Poke Stops and put them in incubators, but the only way to incubate the eggs is to walk/run/bike the amount of distance it requires on the egg 2km, 5km, or 10km.  The longer the distance the more rare the Pokemon.  Again, it’s nice that there is a game that require you to get out and move.

All in all this is a pretty great concept.  I’m enjoying the hell out of this game and having a blast sharing it with my son.  I encourage you (especially if you have a child) to download this game and get out there and have fun.

So what do you think of the game dear reader?  How many unique Pokemons have you caught so far (I’m at 44), and what team are you on (team Valor bitches!)?  Let us know in the comments below.

Also, as a reminder on July 23rd Nelson and I will be hosting a panel on YouTube and Gaming at this years Gex-Con in Fredericksburg Virginia.  Come on out for the panel and then stay for the live podcast.  Also I’m sure there will be plenty of Pokemon to catch down there.  Click here for tickets and details.

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