Pokemon Go Tips: Track and Lure Pokemon

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Hello dear reader, I’m back with some more detailed advanced tips for you Pokemon Go players.  Today I’m going give you some tips on Tracking and Luring Pokemon.  If you missed out on my beginner tips click HERE to go to that article.

pokemon go tracking

Tracking Pokemon

The key to catching Pokemon obviously is tracking them and there is a built in way in the game to do so.  In the lower right corner of your phone’s screen there is a bar that usually features 3 Pokemon.  These are the three closest Pokemon to you.  You can click on that bar and bring up a menu with all the Pokemon close by and once you bring this up you can select a solo Pokemon to track.  When you’re looking at this screen or if you only select one Pokemon to track you’ll see 0 to 3 paw prints next to the Pokemon.  Zero meaning that you’re basically on top of the darn thing and it will pop up.  One print means you’re pretty close and two to three means you’ve got some walking to do.

pokemon go radar

The little tracking box in the lower right corner also tells you if you’re heading in the right direction of the Pokemon.  If the box pulsates you’re heading closer towards the Pokemon(s) you’re tracking.

pokemon go stops

You’ve probably noticed that some Pokestops have Pink Cherry Blossom leaves falling from it, and are probably wondering what that means.  Well it means that some Pokemon are hanging out near it because someone is using a Module Lure there (more on that below).  A lot of times there is a rare Pokemon there as well, like the 354 CP Charmelon I found yesterday that caught but the servers crashed so I didn’t get.  I promise you dear reader I didn’t yell and scream and carrying in public… um, yeah I didn’t do that at all.  One last thing is if you see leaves popping up and down that means there is a Pokemon in that area as well.

Luring Pokemon

pokemon go lure

There are two ways to Lure Pokemon to you and they are quite easy.  The first up is incense which you can find at Pokestops, get when you level up, and also purchase using Pokecoins.  Whenever you use the incense your avatar will be surrounded by a pink mist for 30 minutes and will attract Pokemon to you where ever you go.

There are also module lures.  These work at Pokestops.  Basically if you’re near a Pokestop that you plan on being near for 30 minutes you can use your lure at that stop and for 30 minutes it will attract Pokemon to that stop.  The beauty of this lure is it will benefit any players who happen to be at that stop as well, so not only is this game forcing you to go out and get exercise but also forcing you to help others.  What an age we live in.


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