Pokemon Go Fans Leaving?

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Over the weekend Niantic updated Pokemon Go and some of the updates have enraged fans.  On of the first things to upset fans is the removal of “pokesteps” the little footprints by the Pokemon that helped you track them. After about a week a glitch popped up and the tracking wasn’t working properly anymore so Niantic has removed the feature with the latest update.  This feature might come back in a later update but as of now it’s removed from the game.

pokemon go tracking

Also in the latest update, which probably has enraged fans the most is the blocking of the site Pokevision.  The site would access Pokemon GO and tell you where the Pokemon were and how long they’d be catchable.  Some people consider this “cheating”, me I think it takes the fun out of the game.  For me, most of the fun is finding the Pokemon (especially a rare or new Pokemon) and then catching them.  To me this site take the fun out of it, however, I don’t think it’s cheating.  Well the point is moot now since the site is locked out of the game.

Niantic said the blocked access in the update had nothing to do with “cheating” but was because the site made it a problem for the servers which I buy since the servers are running much better now that the last update went live.

Also, some have complained that since the update their game has been reset back to the beginning erasing their progress as well as any micro transactions they made.  Obviously this is cool, well the micro transaction part, people spent real money on nothing basically.

So what are your thoughts on the new update?  Does it make the game better or worse?  Me, I’ve noticed the servers are more stable now and I’ve had less shut downs of the game which is good.  The lack of the tracker is a bummer but hopefully it comes back soon.

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  1. There were people that were using Pokevision along with an android emulator to catch all the pokemon without really playing the game. They now can just “go” to the same spots but they wont specifically know where the good pokemon are any more.
    There is a dragonite with 3000 something CP that is the leader of a nearby Gym in Pentagon City. He is level 32 as well. Yeah…

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