No Man’s Sky: On Going Review First Impression

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No Man’s Sky is a sprawling massive game and trying to review all at once without getting an early copy is nearly impossible, so instead of playing the game for a week nonstop and trying to finish it for a review I figure a good way to go about it is to play at chunks at a time and explore and enjoy the experience.  There is an old saying that it’s not the destination but the journey and this game is truly about the journey.

So with that in mind I’m going into this by just sharing my experience along the way.  There will be good things, bad things, and hopefully things that will blow my mind.

As of writing this I’m roughly 2 and a half hours into the game, so I’m not that far, and people who have played less might be further in the game than myself, but this game is beautiful and I’m definitely going to take my time and explore.

The game opens up with you just outside of your crashed ship, a cool note of this is no one starts on the same planet.  Some planets are hospitable, some are not.  I was like on fucking Hoth, it was -76 degrees Celsius on my planet so I was constantly repairing my suit as it’s heat shields constantly started failing.

no man sky ship

So once you’re in the game your goal is to scour the planet using your scanners and mining gun in order to find the materials you need to repair your ship.  Sometimes it’s a matter of just needing raw minerals or you need to craft a couple of elements together to create something.

At first you’re going to have this urge to fix your ship and blast off, I know I did.  However, don’t do that. I will say I had this urge to blast off because I thought the game would kick off with you at a space station boarding a fully operational ship ready to explore the universe.  So naturally I wanted to do that, but as I was finding the elements I needed I was discovering new animals and abandoned outposts, it was pretty cool and I was buying into the idea of exploring.  However, the planet I was on sucked and I wanted to get the hell out of there.

Once you fix your ship and make your way off the planet, I think you should explore on the ground and in the air for a bit your not quite ready to explore the world though.  Once you decide to leave your planet you can’t explore the universe just yet, you need to build a warp drive which you will find the plans for at an outpost.  At outposts and space stations you’ll meet aliens, if you make a good impression on them they’ll trade, sell, and also teach you their language which is pretty cool and also an aspect of the game.  You want to learn and trade as you make your way to the center of the Universe.

As of now I’ve built my warp drive but searching for fuel for it.  I need to find anti-matter, which I was hoping I could trade for but, nope, so I need to locate some and this is as far I’ve gotten in the game.  This game is really all about learning your world, it doesn’t really hold your hand and only gives you tips as to what to do and then just goes “figure it out fucker”.

So far I don’t really have an opinion on the game, it’s strange.  Other than exploring and “getting to the center of the universe” I don’t know what my goal is.  I’m just there.  I’m definitely going back for more, but a final verdict is far far away, but as I write this I can’t wait to get back to playing.

Stay tuned to Clash of the Nerds for more on this on going review of No Man’s Sky .  And as always comeback for more nerdy news, check our our Facebook Page, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

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