No Man’s Sky: On Going Review Part II

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Welcome to Part II of my on going review of No Man’s Sky.  As I said in Part I this is a massive game and I’m not going to try and review in one setting, I’m going to take my time with it and enjoy the game the way it was meant to be and not rush through it and maybe miss something cool.

I’m a few more hours into the game and I’ve accomplished quite a bit more than I had in the first review.  First up, I’ve now built my warp drive, met 4 total alien races and found and Atlas, as well as had to deal with Space Pirates.

No man's sky daft punk

Once your ship has been repaired and you begin to meet aliens in the various trading posts and space stations of your first solar system, one of them should give you blue prints to building a warp drive (which begs the question, how did you get to where you start without one) as well as how to build warp cores.  Now if you pre-ordered the game and got a ship this step might get skipped.  I did pre-order from Best Buy but I started playing before I got my email from them with my ship code so I accidentally lucked out and learned how to build a warp cell.  So if you haven’t started playing yet and have a code for a ship, learn to build the warp drive and cells first before you enter your code in.

So let’s dive into Alien encounters.  If you haven’t found any monoliths before you meet an alien you’re not going to know any of their language.  Your character will narrate (in text) the emotions of the alien and you use these clues to “guess” what your response should be.  As you impress these aliens and find monoliths your standing with these races improve and you learn more of their language which makes trading easier.  They’ll also heal you and replenish your shields, it is to your benefit to impress these aliens.  The more I play this game I realize the core goal is not to get to the center of the universe, but to learn about the different races you come across and trading.

Once I got my warp core built I wanted to explore more so I blasted off into the stars and jumping to light speed looks really cool, especially with this art style.  In my second system I made it a point to explore a lot more.  I was getting the hang of the game and play style and I wanted to learn a lot more about the alien race that inhabited this galaxy which played to my favor.  Not only was I learning a lot more from trading posts, space stations and monoliths, but one of the monoliths led me to an Atlas which are scattered throughout the universe and house all of its secrets.

However,  before I could make my way to the next star system to find this Atlas I was attacked by space pirates which was pretty cool.  Granted the dog fighting in the game is not as crisp as say Star Wars: Battlefront but is good enough that I was able to defend myself against these four ships.  Also, defeating pirates also bolsters your reputation with the local races in these systems.  After defeating these pirates I decided to explore a little bit more before I jetted off to the Atlas and I discovered that I was highly adored by them and got better prices on trading.

Finally I went off to discover the Atlas and I won’t spoil too much about this for you, but it did give me some more knowledge as well as warp cells.

So as I’ve gotten further in the game I’ve begun to enjoy it more.  I like discovering new things and the trading aspects.  This isn’t like a Fallout 4 or Metal Gear Solid V where I want to play it non-stop, but when I’m in the mood to play I find that the hours just fly by.  Sometimes a play thru seems tedious and other times its full of adventure and discovery.

So those are my thoughts for part two of this series on No Man’s Sky.  Have you played it yet?  What are your thoughts?  Let us know in the comments below.  Stay tuned to Clash of the Nerds for more on this on going review of No Man’s Sky .  And as always comeback for more nerdy news, check our our Facebook Page, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

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