Nintendo Switch Trailer Breakdown

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Wasn’t that trailer awesome?  Yes it was, if you haven’t seen it yet, click here.  So now I’m here to break it down for you.  From the looks of it many of the features we reported on are apart of the console and it looks sleek and pretty cool.


First off let’s start with the games shown off in the trailer.  As we all already know The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would be a launch game and it was shown off at the start of the trailer.  Nothing more than we’ve seen before and since it is also going to be a Wii U game it doesn’t tell us anything about the processing power of the hardware, but a couple of games do.  Next we see Skyrim Remastered and NBA 2K17, both games on the Xbox One and PS4 so that tells us the Switch will at least be on par with those two (hopefully it also mean it will be on par with the XB1 S and PS4 Pro).  We also get to see Splatoon as well as Mario Kart 8 (hopefully Nintendo does some sort of upgrade or backwards compatible for those of us who own it on the Wii U), and then we see a Mario game.  It’s a quick clip but it doesn’t look like Mario 3D Wii U, it looks new and it very well could be since Nintendo has been rumored to launch a new game featuring the plumber with the Switch.

Like I said in the opener the system looks sleek.  It’s a screen (about the size of the Wii U controller but thinner) that plugs into a base to allow you to play on your television with the stick and buttons attached to a controller base that you can slide off and slide onto the small screen to take it on the go.  Also these two side controllers look like the can both be used as controllers for multiplayer action on the portable screen.  The system also works with a controller that isn’t that much different looking than the Wii U Pro Controller so you can use that for solo gaming as well as for multiplayer gaming.


In the trailer gaming goes from television to portable in an instant when you remove the small screen from the base so you don’t have to be interrupted when you want to take your console gaming on the go.  Speaking of gaming on the go it looks like you can link up with other Switches to play multiplayer on the different small screens, wireless lan style.  I assume both (or all four) have to own the game to play them on the individual units, but maybe not.


Lastly we now know Nintendo is going back to cartridges, well sort of, we see them using an SD card like cartridge for the games which means we don’t have to worry about skipping when we play on the go.

Hopefully Nintendo will release a press release with all the things we’d like to know, like processing power, is it 1080p or 4K?  As soon as we know, you’ll know so make sure you keep checking back with us.  Also as always let us know in the comments below what you think.

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