Nintendo NX Mini Console, Portable Console, Cartridges?

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It seems the more we learn about Nintendo’s next console the NX the less we know.  The latest batch of rumors comes from Eurogamer.

According to Eurogamer the NX will be a portable console which would look very much like the Wii U controller and the guts of the system would be in that handheld component with a base attached to your TV that would give it additional processing power when you play on your TV.

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The idea behind this is that you can play all your console games on the go, much like the Sega Nomad from back in the day.  Rumors have the console using NVIDIA’s Tegra X-1 processor which would make the graphics somewhere in between  last and current generation, so better than the Wii U but not as good as the PS4 which would spit in the face of previous rumors stating that the NX would be more powerful than the PS4.

However, there are other rumors that the NX could use the rumored NVIDIA’s X-2 chip which would fall in line with delay of the system until March and the hold up on production.  Also a new rumor is that you’d get your games on cartridge yet again, YAY!

Now, back when the PSX and Saturn hit the market the shift to discs made a lot of sense, they could store more and were a lot cheaper to produce, however, now the high price and lack of storage is no longer a problem for cartridges.  In fact they hold a lot of pluses if this console is going to be an on the go kind of device.  You’re less likely to scratch your game, also there are less moving parts in the console so you don’t have to worry about skipping if you’re playing you game in a car, plane, bus, or train, and in Nintendo tradition of making hardware less expensive, less movie parts means less cost for Nintendo which would mean less of a cost for consumers.

Of course all of this is speculative and not official word from Nintendo.  Stay tuned to Clash of the Nerds and we’ll keep you posted on the latest NX rumors.

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