Niantic and Pokemon Go Losing Goodwill with Fans

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For us Pokemon fans (of any generation) Pokemon Go is a lot of fun.  It’s a simple mobile game that encourages us to go out into the world, catch Pokemon, form friendships, and get some exercise.  When the game launched our only complaint was that the servers would crash from time to time.  Sure this was frustrating, but we dealt with it.  The game was shiny and new and the occasional server crash wasn’t a big deal.

pokemon go radar

So the game began to launch in new countries and Niantic began to tinker with the game.  As a creative type (writer and artist) I’m a hell of a self critic, no matter how much praise I get for something in my mind it’s never quite good enough.  With a sketch I’ll add something here and there (maybe ink or color it) and basically just keep fucking with it until I go to far and it’s ruined.  With my writing I’m constantly rereading and drafting my books and stories until draft 8 is completely different from draft 1, this sometimes works in my favor and other times it does not and I have to go back to a previous draft.

This is basically what Niantic is doing.  They wanted to make the game better (good for them) so they started listening to us players and updating the game (again, good for them), however they started tinkering with things that we the players didn’t ask them to, like tracking and upping the difficulty in catching Pokemon, and thus has begun the problem.

Have you noticed that low level Pokemons are escaping from Pokeballs more and more.  When the game first launched I didn’t have too many Pokemons breaking out, especially low level Pokemons.  This has become frustrating and it wreaks of Niantic trying to get us to waste our Pokeballs in order to sell us more through micro-transactions.

pokemon go tracking

Not to mention the elimination of the 3,2, and 1 step tracker.  Per Niantic the system was broken and they had to fix it.  Honestly I thought it worked well so maybe it was only broken in some areas.  Anyways they removed the feature in order to fix it and to make matters worse they blocked sites who would let you know where Pokemon appeared and these sites would be a big help if they were still up since now it’s more or less getting lucky to find Pokemon since you can’t track them.  Since we can’t battle wild Pokemon like in the Gameboy games, we can’t weaken them and we’re just wasting balls.  We’re not asking for a difficulty raise in the game.

Not to mention, a glitch that as happened to me and others when an egg is hatching.  Basically during the hatching animation the game freezes and you have to close it.  Once you reopen the game your egg is gone and you’ve got nothing from it.  This is frustrating and I was lucky that mine was a 2 km egg and not a 10 like I’ve heard from others.

My plea to Niantic is to stop tinkering with the game.  If it’s not broken don’t fix it.  All we fans asked for in updates were server fixes and the abilities to trade and fight, we got one of those, but trading and fighting are still absent.  If you keep messing with the game (especially in ways that frustrate fans) you’re not going to just scare away casual players but the hardcore ones as well.  This game has done something no other mobile game has done and that’s staying power.  We eagerly await updates that were promised, trading, battling, and next gen Pokemon, but keep tinkering with stuff we don’t like and doing things that make it look like you’re trying to nickle and dime us and we’ll bolt.

As of right now I’m still playing, but it’s mostly for me to hatch eggs and power up my high CP Pokemon for gym battles, not the adventuring part because it’s impossible to track Pokemon now.  Tracking needs fixed and it needs to be fixed ASAP.

Those were my opinions dear reader, what are some of yours about the last two updates to the game, let us know in the comments below.   And as always comeback for more nerdy news, check our our Facebook Page, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

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