Microsoft’s Press Conference Highlights

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Yesterday Microsoft kicked things off for the major console manufactures with a massive slate of upcoming releases.  So much came out of the Microsoft and Sony conferences that we’ll be highlighting some things here and then going in-depth on a few titles today.

Microsoft revealed the Xbox One S which is smaller with 2 TB hard drive, and it’s WHITE!  Pretty much what we’ve come to expect from console makers at some point during a life cycle of a console they get smaller and more powerful as the technology becomes cheaper.   The S wasn’t a big reveal since rumors were swirling leading up to E3, but now it’s a reality.

Staying on the hardware side of things, Microsoft also unveiled their  custom controllers.  Basically you go online design your own controller, they make it and ship it to you.  Honestly I’m shocked how long it’s taken Microsoft or Sony (or to a lesser extent Nintendo) to do this since third party companies have been customizing controllers for a while now, not to mention Motorolla has been doing this with phones for a few year.

Some new games that were revealed were the long rumored Dead Rising 4 with the return of Frank!  They didn’t go into depth on whether this was a remake of the original Dead Rising but with four player co-op like the rumors or a new sequel.  We Happy Few was shown off, the reveal trailer had a very creepy vibe that reminded me of Bio Shock, Forza Horizons 3 was revealed as well as Halo Wars 2 and lastly of the reveals Tekken 7 was shown, but surprisingly Street Fighter’s Akuma was revealed to be a character in it.

Microsoft also showed off some playable demos for previously announced games like Gears of War 4, Recore and Scalebound.  Both Gears and Recore are due out this year with Scalebound coming out in 2017.

Microsoft also announced that Minecraft was going multi-platform between Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows 10, iOS, and Android (sorry Sony and Nintendo) so you friend who has Minecraft on their iPad can hop into your Minecraft game on your Xbox.  Just another game like Rocket League that Microsoft has gone multi-platform with.

Speaking of multi-platform gaming, Microsoft is offering “play anywhere” meaning you can continue you Xbox One games on a Computer and take them anywhere with you.  It’s a bold move and we’ll have to see how it works since gaming on Windows 10 has been rocky.

And lastly and this was a pretty big surprise, Microsoft unveiled Project Scorpio.  Now Project Scorpio was heavily rumored but nothing concrete other than it would be a more powerful Xbox One.  The odd thing about this announcement is that they just announced the S coming out this summer but it’s like they’re saying don’t buy the S, we have an even better system coming out next year!  However, with the rumors of Project Scorpio running rampant and dev kits being delivered to game makers it wouldn’t be long before we all found out about it so Microsoft was actually progressive here and got ahead of the rumors.  Check out the Project Scorpio reveal below.

So those are the highlights from Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference, what did you think?  What are you most looking forward to from Microsoft, let us know in the comments below.

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