Josh’s 5 Most Disappointing Games of 2016

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Yesterday I gave you my Top 8 Games of 2016 and today I bring you the five most disappointing games of 2016, why five when yesterday I did 8?  Because I did, that’s why.

division beta

5. The Division:  Tom Clancy’s The Division was an ambitious undertaking by Ubi Soft, a shooter that was part MMO, part RPG seemed like it was just ready to print money and was highly anticipated by many after the initial BETA was unleashed on consoles and PC.  And when the game came out it was initially liked by most, but then we got further into the game and bugs started creeping up, balancing issues became a problem, and then there were times you couldn’t get into your game (online all the time) or couldn’t party up with your friends, or if you did manage to party up with your friends you couldn’t interact, you or they were like ghost.  However, for me, the balancing was the worst offender of this game.  Many drop in drop out co-op games handle balancing pretty easily, whatever level the host is at then that is roughly what you’ll get with the enemies, i.e., the host is a level 10 then the enemies will probably be between an 8 and 14 no matter what level your friends were playing at.  No not the Division, the enemies level is based on the highest ranked player, so if the host is a level 10 and most of his friends playing with him are around a 10, but one friend is a level 30, then the enemies are somewhere between a 28-35 level, meaning you can’t kill them but they will fuck your shit up if they hit you, and they will hit you because the game has impeccable aim and doesn’t fucking miss.  This game is pretty hard when the bad guys are on your level, this game is fucking impossible when they’re higher than you. Which means if a friend plays without you then you have to catch up, but the point of the game is to play together so it ruins the experience.  I bought this game thinking it would easily make my top games list for 2016, but sadly it did not.

4.Street Fighter V:  This game launched incomplete and nearly a year later it’s still incomplete.  It has the most basic versus mode, the story mode is nearly non-existent with slides and text, which was fine for Street Fighter 2 since that was 16-Bit, but this is the PS4, give us actual cut scenes, also give us more than four fights per story and a fucking boss, come on now Capcom, you’re better than this.  Street Fighter is the be all in fighting games, and this is what you give us for the latest installment?  Also, also!  There is no arcade mode, how in the hell does a Street Fighter game not have an arcade mode.  Everyone is excited for the new Marvel vs Capcom game, but if this is their offering for their flagship game what will this off shoot look like?

star fox

3. Star Fox Zero: Finally, finally a new Star Fox game was released and it looked gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous just too bad it played like shit.  I get what Nintendo was going for here, they were trying to make a VR like experience with using the Wii U Pad to aim, however this control scheme takes a bit of getting used to and isn’t too bad when you’re used to it, however once you put the game down and come back to it you have to get used to it again, however, this wouldn’t have been a problem if you could just turn this feature off and play like normal but no, they don’t allow this.  Nintendo is one of those “all in” companies to where if they make a new thing that is your only option.  This was a shame too because this could have been a game changer for the Wii U but sadly no, this game was an abortion, hopefully we get a remake of this for the Switch because it was a good concept but shitty execution.

2. BattleBorn:  This came from the makers of Borderlands and visually looked creative and wonderful, however, this game came out just before Overwatch, but sadly after Overwatch’s BETA had graced us and this game just wasn’t as good and since it had the same play style it was immediately compared to Overwatch and it couldn’t compete.  Also what hurt this game was each match was 30 minutes and you were stuck with whatever character you chose for the whole match, so if you were trying out a new character and sucked with it you were stuck for 30 minutes with that character, unlike Overwatch where the matches were shorter and you could switch characters when you died so if you didn’t like a character you chose or if your team needed a certain character type you could change.  BattleBorn isn’t a bad game, it was just very disappointing and a game that came out a week later did everything better.

1. No Man’s Sky:  Holy shit what a dumpster fire this ended up being.  This game promised us the world and delivered us what seemed like a BETA version of Minecraft.  The game promised epic space battles, unique multiplayer aspects, amazing worlds and creatures and basically an unlimited replay value.  This game really didn’t do any of this.  Most of the game is collecting minerals to power your ship and then flying somewhere else and that’s pretty much the game.  The creatures aren’t really that unique, I played a lot of this game and traveled to many worlds and never saw an animal bigger than a deer (no giant dinosaur like animals for me) and basically there were three planets for me, a blue one, a red one, and an icy one, that was pretty much it.  The space battles sucked, sucked worse than Star Fox Zero.  This game is playable for survivalists, and if advertised as that it wouldn’t have been such a stinker but because the promises were so lofty this game is not only the most disappointing game of 2016 but probably of the century maybe.



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