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Like many YouTubers and Streamers out there on the interwebs we at the Clash have joined in with St. Jude’s PLAY LIVE initiative to raise money for Cancer research and care for Children who have been stricken with cancer.

St. Jude’s is a pretty awesome facility, one that I’ve been donating too and helping raise money for, for more than a decade now.  Families who need their assistance pay zero dollars for care, treatment, and transportation to the hospital facility.  Donations, like the ones we’re trying to raise, pay for all of it.  In fact, 83 cents of every dollar raised by St. Jude’s goes to care and research, so you know the money you’re donating isn’t being wasted on administrative fees.

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Also on a personal level, many of you who have been following this site along with our YouTube channel since their inceptions know that I lost my older sister to cancer a couple of years ago, and that the reason why my hair is long in not for some sort of fashion trend, but to donate my hair (when long enough) to wigs for kids so they can turn them in to wigs for kids with cancer.

Granted my sister was well into adulthood when she developed cancer but like many out there cancer has effected my life and where all cancer is terrible at any age in life, I’ve always particularly hated cancer when it strikes a child because they don’t fully understand what’s happening.  All they know is one day they were fine and the next day they’re sick and can’t do all the things they used to.  For lack of a better term it sucks, but since St Jude’s founding in 1962 the survival rates of children with cancer has gone from 20% to 80%, but there is still work to be done so let’s get out there and help.


Click right HERE to go to our team page to donate (and learn more about St. Jude’s), really any amount would be greatly appreciated.  We get nothing out of this and are doing it solely to help those who need it.  Also, there is another childhood cancer cause we greatly support and that is Connor’s Cure which is really simple, you just buy a $5 bracelet and all the proceeds go to childhood cancer research.  Check out the video below to learn more about the brave little boy known as Connor the Crusher.

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