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Last month in honor of Captain America: Civil War we here at Clash of the Nerds set forth to choose the Greatest MCU Movie Ever!

Well this month in honor of E3 we’re at it again, we’re choosing the Greatest Console Ever!  The rules are simple, we took the top 21 selling systems of all time, ranking them in an NCAA March Madness Bracket Style with a panel of 3 debating between the combatants.  Watch and see which system comes out on top.

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  1. My 2 cents:

    Match 1: Sega Saturn vs Xbox
    – Winner: Xbox
    – Rationale: Xbox was the first console to include a HDD. Sales were behind the PS2 but once Xbox Live was released the following Nov it really shot the Xbox past the PS2 (in my mind but not really in sales) as far as the complete console. PSN at the time was subpar. Due to the Xbox 3rd party support and better game library it passes the SS by.
    – Sega Saturn: SS was released in Nov 2001 to compete with PS2 and Dreamcast. 32 Bit 5th gen console. Released in 1998 as follow on to the Genesis/Sega CD. Good features in that games were CD-ROM format. Set to compete against Sony’s PS. N64 buried the Saturn though, as it couldn’t compete with the titles coming out of the Big N. Limited 3rd party support and the fact that dev tools were crap. Also H/W design was not easy for devs. Poor development on Sega’s part. They killed the Saturn the same way they killed the Dreamcast.
    – Xbox: The Xbox had superior H/W design along with Live play and that sets it far above the Saturn in an even comparison. Xbox offered more capabilities and gameplay (more titles and better 3rd party support)

    Match 2: TurboGrafix-16 vs Gamecube
    – Winner: Gamecube
    – Rationale: The Gamecube wins this round with ease.
    – Gamecube: Game library was huge for this system and the fun factor was through the roof. The titles upon release was bananas (titles mentioned in video). Some bad parts for the GC are the following: The controller is a bit to be desired but it felt ok after awhile. The mini-DVDs.. ohh boy on this one. They will always bother me, but that is because the Big N is so against piracy. That didn’t stop the hackers long though. All you had to do was tweak the DVD drive read laser and you could read “back-ups”. Ran into “Dirty Disk Error” all the time though. The PS2 could also be modded but since the potentiometer was variable on the PS2 you only ran into problems of your read laser burning out. Ha! That being said, the one big thing that has held Nintendo back is that they continue to say and will probably always say they are a video game console first and for most. The issue with that is any system by Nintendo will be left in the dust when it comes to overall features. Online play, blu-ray playback, digital playback (need to output 1080p or at least 720p!)
    – TG-16 was released in Aug of 1989. The first to be released in the 16-bit era. However, it was not actually a 16-bit console. It was 8-bit. It had 2x 8 bit processors to make it “16”. Lame! So, due to the release cycle it had to compete with the SNES and the Genesis. Good luck with that one NEC/Hudson. The CD-ROM add-on was a fresh piece of H/W (Japan only? A friend of mine had it) was released in 1991. It added the ability for music playback as well as some added some competition to the Sega-CD. The Sega-CD well out performed the Turbo Duo though, as the base console for Sega was better from a graphical H/W perspective. The game library wasn’t too bad but without the big names like madden/montana/lasorda/etc you can’t compete. Also who is this Bonk character? They could have at least made an Adventure Island game. They did have Bomberman but two players only? Lame! So, bottom line, the TG-16 failed due to not having the 3rd party support or the characters needed to create a full and exciting library.

    Match 3: Colecovision vs Wii U
    – Winner: Wii U
    – Rationale: The Wii U Gamepad is what sells the Wii U. The ability to support Wii games/controllers/etc is also a big bonus. The asymmetric gameplay experience (play game on Wii U Gamepad) is amazing. Nintendo tried some of this with the Gameboy Color but was quite limited. The core library (you will always have Mario/Zelda/DK/etc that will at least get you a bronze every time) is what sells the Wii U. Backwards compatibility will always be a key transition from previous gen consoles to the next gen. However, that only takes you so far. Eventually you have to leave the old behind and move on with the new. Unless you make the H/W so beast that you straight emulate the previous gen. So, bottom line in a matchup between the Wii U and the CV, the Wii U wins.

    – ColecoVision: To be fair having a 2nd gen console vs an 8th gen console isn’t really fair competition. Also, ColecoVision was impacted by the video game crash of 1983 (many factors caused the crash but the market was flooded with consoles at the time, 11 in total). But, the CV was fantastic at the time. It had great commercial success in bringing the arcades to the home. The library was fantastic and the ability to have expansion modules was great too. The CV could be converted into a full-fledged computer too. It was a beast back in the day but falls short against the fun factor that the big N will always have in their back pocket.
    Match 4: Commodore 64 vs Atari 2600
    – Winner: Commodore 64
    – Rationale: Really? You put a PC on this list? The C64 blows away most consoles on this list.

    – Commodore 64: The load times weren’t that bad. 12 seconds, or so? The C64 was a lower end PC released in 1982 and was also one of the best PCs under $1000 (would be like $1500 by today’s standard). The game library was like 2 thousand games or something near the end of its cycle. The fact you can game and use a computer make it one of the best in the list. The price tag for a C64 was pretty steep if you wanted a home console though. The market for the C64 isn’t really the same as the Atari 2600. Not really a fair fight in regards to a console war. The C64 has so many capabilities. It had networking capabilities (BBS!) and online gaming capability (Club Caribe!). Online was offered through Q-Link (of Vienna, VA!). Q-Link was amazing for its time and really set the bar high for systems to come. But, again this is not really a console. It is not super fair to be on the list. The C64 also ran The Last Ninja, Maniac Mansion, Indiana Jones, and X-men Madness in Murderworld. The X-men game was a DOS game as well and as such looked very similar in graphics. The gameplay was the same. You may have been thinking of the X-men game that was released in 1989 on the NES.

    – Atari 2600: The system was released in 1977 at a pretty high price tag ($200 or so). The titles released were fantastic. Games like Adventure, Breakout, Yars Revenge (one of my all-time favs), Pitfall, Pac-Man, and ET (Yes, I love this game). Bottom line, the 2600 can’t compete with a powerhouse like the C64.

    Match 5: Sega Master System vs Dreamcast
    – Winner: Dreamcast
    – Rationale: The game library was just not there on the SMS, making it fall flat to the Dreamcast in this bout.
    – Dreamcast: The Dreamcast was the first of the 6th gen consoles, coming out before the PS2 and GameCube. The weird DVD-ROM (YD-ROM if I remember correctly) was the last to be hacked. Good on ya sega! The graphics were not as great as were the competition (PS2 and Gamecube) and as such it was left in the dust. The controller was also a bit clunky too. Not much else to say really. The library was great as I’ve never heard anyone say there is a bad Dreamcast game. Most games are at least OK.

    Match 6: N64 vs Xbox 360
    – Winner: N64
    – Rationale: The fun factor brought by the Big N still lasts on the N64.

    – N64: The H/W limitations was what killed the sales for the N64. Cartridges? Still? Nintendo still trying to fight off piracy. The reason why Square left to go to Playstation. But, what Nintendo showed us what was to come in regards to first-person shooters, adventure gaming, and Mario Kart.

    Match 7: Super Nintendo vs Wii U
    – Winner: Wii U
    – Rationale: Super Nintendo games can be played on the Virtual Console (same rationale as Josh), so it basically eliminates the SNES.
    – Super Nintendo: This system would have beaten out the consoles of its time (Genesis, TG16 doesn’t really count in my mind) but can’t compete to the Wii U since the Wii U can emulate the SNES.

    Match 8: Sega Genesis vs Playstation 4
    – Winner: Playstation 4
    – Rationale: Genesis would be close if we were talking consoles of its time and only in the sports arena and fighting game arena. If you wanted a 16-bit console and you were a sports fan, you bought a Genesis. If you liked every other genre you got a SNES. Plus the big N had Mario and Zelda so it is already at least 40 yards ahead in the sprint to the finish.
    – PS4: Not much to say about the PS4. Some exclusive titles make it great but can Uncharted and MLB the Show save it from the Xbox One? I don’t think so. Also you can basically play Genesis games on the PS4, making the Genesis fall in comparison. No defining game? You mentioned Uncharted but no MLB the Show? Also any titles from Naughty Dog define the PS4.
    – Genesis: The Genesis had some great core titles, especially when it came to sports games. The Madden/NHL/MLB (World Series Baseball) sets of games played better and looked better on the Genesis. I for one went with the Genesis for sports games and the rest were on the SNES.

    Match 9: Playstation vs Atari 2600 (Commodore 64 is my winner of that match)
    – Winner: Commodore 64
    – Rationale: The Commodore 64 is a PC! It wins all against consoles.
    – PS: The titles in the PS library were fantastic. Some say FFVII is the best of the series and that is what sold the PS for them. The PS also had the Resident Evil Games too. Also, the Tony Hawk games were way better on the PS than the N64.

    Match 10: Xbox vs Wii
    – Winner: Xbox
    – Rationale: The Xbox had superior online play and an HDD. The core titles may have been more fun on the Wii (Mario and Zelda sets of games edge the Wii, but it was still kiddy and the xbox is better). Once you modded the xbox you could play emulators on it and so it opens up more than what the Wii offers. Also, the xbox controller is better (the 2nd one not the original one released) than the Wii mote.

    Match 11: Gamecube vs NES
    – Winner: NES
    – Rationale: Gamecube is a neat system but the NES still has better playability in my book. Tecmo Super Bowl, hands down is the one reason the NES takes all here. You can play updated TSB games with updated rosters and all 32 teams. Also, the NES has some core titles that still hold water today. Punchout, TSB, Mario 3, etc

    Match 12: Playstation 3 vs Xbox One
    – Winner: Xbox One
    – Rationale: Tough choice here! Xbox live is superior to PSN. Most titles are cross platform so not many exclusive sony titles pull me over to the PS3. However, MLB the Show and the uncharted series are what makes this a tough battle between these consoles. Like Josh said, the PS3 is a glorified blu-ray player. Also the same reason I bought the PS3 was for MLB the Show, but not so much MGS4. The main reason I bought it and used it originally was for the blu-ray capability. Also I’ve put more hours into the One that the PS3. Destiny alone pushes me over to the One side.

    Match 13: Dreamcast vs Playstation 2
    – Winner: Dreamcast
    – Rationale: Dreamcast has better core titles. Fire Pro Wrestling D is what pushes me over the edge. Playstation 2 had DVD playback but the titles at Dreamcast were just better.

    Match 14: Dreamcast vs Xbox One
    – Winner: Xbox One
    – Rationale: Xbox One is a media center that plays games. The Dreamcast was great in its day but doesn’t compete to the One’s great titles. “It does more than enough to beat nostalgia back” Exactly!

    Match 15: Xbox vs NES
    – Winner: NES
    – Rationale: The NES has the core titles that Josh lists. “Only one system had Tecmo Bowl” Exactly! However, if you mod the Xbox then you have a NES via emulation. But it isn’t the same. It doesn’t have the same feel. I have a modded xbox and I still play the NES over it.

    Match 16: Genesis (Playstation 4 on my list) vs Playstation (Commodore 64 on my list)
    – Winner: Playstation 4
    – Rationale: The capabilities of the C64 were great as compared to last gen consoles but it can’t compete with a powerhouse like the PS4. The PS4 is a computer and as such beats out the weaker computer that is the C64.

    Match 17: SNES (Wii U on my list) vs N64
    – Winner: Wii U
    – Rationale: Wii emulates the N64, so it wins.

    Match 18: SNES (Wii U on my list) vs Playstation (Playstation 4 on my list)
    – Winner: PS4
    – Rationale: Wii U is fun but the titles like MLB the Show and any game by Naughty Dog beats the Wii U titles.

    Match 19: Dreamcast (Xbox One on my list) vs NES
    – Winner: Xbox One
    – Rationale: Nostalgia doesn’t win it this time. Xbox One for the media capabilities and the great titles.

    Match 20: NES (Xbox One on my list) vs SNES (PS4 on my list)
    – Winner: Xbox One
    – Rationale: I play my Xbox One more than my PS4. It is a close tie but Uncharted and MLB The Show don’t beat out the One’s titles. Even though PS4 has Destiny as well, I play it on the One because most of my friends have the One.

    SO… winner is Xbox One!

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