Grand Theft Auto Tokyo and Grand Theft Auto 6?

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gta tokyo

The rumor mill is churning and churning away the closer we get to E3.  There are two coming out of Rockstar.  First up is that Rockstar was scouting locations in Tokyo, Japan for a possible Grand Theft Auto Tokyo, however there are reports that this game was killed.

The second rumor is that Rockstar is hard at work on Grand Theft Auto 6, but unlike the above mentioned (and probably cancelled) GTA Tokyo, there is no location set.  Since GTA satires American culture so well it’s not hard to see that the next GTA game will be set in America, but where?

We’ve already gotten Miami, New York City, and L.A., so what’s next?

The next big city might be Chicago, but if they really want some good satire, Washington D.C. could be great choices.   I can see it now Grand Theft Auto 6: Windy City or Grand Theft Auto 6: Capital City, both would be really cool, or maybe even GTA 6: Hot-Lanta.

gta 6

However, me personally, I’d like to see the series go back to London.  Back on the PS1 days when the game was still a poorly drawn top down experience there was a London expansion for the first game.  I think Rockstar could give us a nice and gritty Guy Ritchie style game.  How awesome would that be?

Though being a D.C. native I always get excited for open world games set in my backyard, which is why I love Fallout 3 and I’ll fight anyone who says a bad thing about that game.

So what do you think dear reader?  Where would you like the next GTA game to take place?  How cool would a GTA Tokyo or London be?

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