Final Fantasy Going Away?

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Talk to any Final Fantasy fan and you’ll probably get a handful of different answer if you ask them to name their favorite FF game.  Many will say Seven (they’re wrong) some will say Six or Five (they’re more right) and then I’ll say Nine (I’m right) and then you have a few Eights, Tens, and Fours.

However, you don’t hear too many X-2, Twelve, or Thirteen (11 and 14 are MMOs that are no where near WoW’s popularity) out there.  One would think that with better graphics, processing power, and the ability for Square Enix to make sprawling RPGs the series would be thriving and entering a new Renaissance, but that isn’t the case.

Traditional turn based RPGs have been on their way out in the last couple of generations, being replaced by more action oriented RPGs so Final Fantasy has tried to switch to that style to capture those gamers, but sadly they have failed to do that, mainly thanks to BioWare’s more popular games, and have only alienated their more hardcore fans who like the turn base JRPG games.

Because of this Square Enix has said the upcoming Final Fantasy XV is make or break for the series, so if you’re a fan and want to see more Final Fantasy games you better buy XV in September.

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