Early Impressions of Friday the 13th The Game

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This past week Friday the 13th the Game was released to much of the delight of fans of the classic slasher film series as well as backers to very successful Kickstarter.

However, the launch did not go as smoothly as publisher Gun Media would have liked.  Server issues abound most of the weekend, in fact it was Saturday night before I was even able to get into a game and even then the servers only lasted so I could play 1 and a half matches.

My very first match I got play as Jason, which was a lot of fun.  It took a few minutes to get used to the controls but once I kind of go the hang of everything, but playing as Jason and stalking the camp counselors was enjoyable.   However, in spite my initial excitement as playing as Jason I still couldn’t get over some of the clunky controls and weird aspects of the game.  Moving around as Jason (or a counselors)  isn’t as fluid as one would like.  You constantly run into things you can’t see and there are places where you should be able to walk but can’t.  Also as Jason, when you’re trying hack down these teens it’s not fluid and you move like a tank.

Then you have playing as a counselor and this is kind of where the game falls apart.  For most of your time playing as a counselor you’re just wandering around collecting either weapons or pieces to a car or boat to escape Jason or just hiding.  Honestly, this is quite boring.  Now when Jason finally gets close and pursuing you the game does get exciting, however, I wouldn’t really know because just when my experience as a counselor was getting exciting the servers crashed again and I wasn’t able to get back on.

Graphically the game really disappoints.  From pre-release trailers of the game the campers looks great and definitely looked like a next-gen game, however the released product the campers look like a hold over from the PS3 and Xbox 360.  Jason, however, looks fantastic and that seems to be where a lot of the graphical power went to.  Now I’m not one that has to have the greatest graphics in every game.  I get sometimes graphics are sacrificed for the size of the game as well as game play and as long as the game is fun to play I can overlook sub-par graphics.  However, this game does not deliver on speed, size, or the amount of players that would give any reason fro the graphics or the slow down in play at times.

The game doesn’t really feel like a finished project just yet, it still feels like a BETA.  It has its moments and great ideas and pieces to it, just not fully realized yet.  Hopefully there will be a couple of updates down the line to streamline this game.  Friday the 13th The Game is currently $40 and honestly I can’t recommend it for that price.  Like I said hopefully some updates to the gameplay, the servers, and some graphics will make this game what we all hoped it could be.  It’s a good start, it just needs more in order to fully realize its potential.

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  1. Totally agree.
    They only released the beta for PC. I wonder if the PC community is having the issues the console ones are having.

    • They are, the server issues have plagued all three releases unfortunately. Hopefully with an update or two it gets better. I had fun as Jason and hopefully it will begin to run smoother. It’s got all of the pieces there, just got to put them together.

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