EA Doesn’t Know What The Hell They’re Doing

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Our good friend Jim Stirling over at the Jimquisition started the hash tag #fuckKonami a year or two ago and occasionally gives us Fuck Konami News which is all the news worth saying Fuck Konami over, and after EA’s investor call yesterday I feel we over here at Clash of the Nerds needs to start the #FuckEA hash tag.

Now EA has done a lot in the past to anger gamers from their constant yearly sports titles, buying out the NFL video game license so that Madden is our only choice for actual NFL football games, to delays, and releasing incomplete games (like Star Wars Battlefront) and then charging $50 for a season pass which made the game feel complete, so in the end you paid $110 for a full game.  #FuckEA

Now some cool things came out of the conference call, like a Star Wars Battlefront 2 (NOW WITH SINGLE PLAYER!) and the expansion of Battlefield.  Those were cool things, however (#FuckEA) they did make a couple of shit comments.  CEO Andrew Wilson when asked about EA’s fuck up of releasing Titanfall 2 at the same time as Battlefield 1 (essentially killing  Titanfall) Wilson said that it wasn’t a mistake and that the players of both games were different.  Really?  REALLY?! Nope, nope, nope.  They’re both first person shooters, which means their player fan base is roughly the same.  Yes one is futuristic and the other is World War I, but the core mechanics are the same.  Usually if someone buys Call of Duty, there is a good chance they own a Battlefield game, probably Gears of War, and Overwatch.  All different games, with different styles but all shooters and all have roughly the same player base.

So essentially EA releasing two shooters at the same time they’ve essentially killed the lesser known shooter which has sold less on PS4 and Xbox One than Titanfall 1 did when it was only released on Xbox.  Which is a shame because Titanfall 2 is pretty good (go buy it), but no one knows this.

Also if that weren’t enough to say #FuckEA, Wilson went on to brag about how much money EA has been making that they could delay Mass Effect Andromeda for up to five months because they don’t need the money.  Granted, if a game is delayed because it needs polish or bugs worked out, but to just casually say you can delay a game because you don’t need the money is a cocky horse shit thing to say.  So there is that.

So are we wrong to say #FuckEA or are they just a good company doing god’s work?  Let us know in the comments below.

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