E3 2016: The Good The Bad and The Ugly

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Another E3 has come and it has gone and like every other nerdy website out there we’re here to give you our opinion (well my opinion) on the show, and because I’m a huge Clint Eastwood fan I decided to do it in the fashion of his most famous Spaghetti Western, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

So dear reader, sit back, relax and enjoy my take on E3.


The Good:

The games, both Sony and Microsoft at their conferences showed a lot of games (especially Sony) and then Nintendo probably showed off the most anticipated game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind.  It seemed like every time I turned around another game was being shown off.

Even the game makers were showing off quite a few titles, Bethesda started things off and blew us away with the amount of games shown.  Last year for them it was all about Fallout 4 and they showed a little bit of what they were working on, this year though, we were told we’d get more Fallout DLC, DOOM DLC, but that wasn’t all, they unveiled the long rumored Skyrim Remaster, and shocked the world with Quake coming back, but their focus was on Dishonored 2.  The game looks gorgeous and they’re doing what any good sequel does, building on the mechanics and story of the first and they’ve done that with a whole new engine (ballsy as hell).

Both Ubisoft and EA held really good conferences as well, showing us Titanfall 2, A few Star Wars Games, Mass Effect Andromeda (all EA) and on the Ubisoft side we got Watch_Dogs 2, South Park Fractured But, and more Tom Clancy games like an all new all different Ghost Recon.

Sony’s conference, it was all games and a live orchestra, almost no talking.  Sony knew what we wanted and we wanted to see games!

However, one of my favorite things (besides Zelda) at E3 this year, was Microsoft unveiling Project Scorpio, what they claim will be the most power console ever and from their description sounds a lot like an X-Box PC.  Though not revealing too much about it other than it comes out holiday 2017 I’m quite excited for this.  One rumor for Scorpio is part of it’s development is to support VR, but unlike Sony they’re not making their own, but rather work with the Oculus and/or HTC VIBE.

A quick list of games from the Sony and Microsoft conferences that we liked are:

Scalebound, We Happy Few, Fears of War 4, Dead Rising 4, Detroit: Becoming Human, Resident Evil 7, God of War, Spider-Man, Kojima’s Death Stranding, Horizon and of course The Last Guardian.


The Bad:

No Red Dead Redemption 2, pretty much everyone (including us) new for a fact that Rockstar was going to unveil Red Dead Redemption 2 and we were going to here news of backwards compatibility for the original Red Dead Redemption for the Xbox One.

Nintendo’s lack of games, we knew Nintendo wasn’t bringing that much to E3 but I think we were hoping for a surprise of sorts, but alas no.

PC Gamer Magazines conference:  Talk about bad, and I’m not talking about the games shown, a lot of cool games were shown, but you would think a publication like PC Gamer would have conference that looked more polished than say something that looked like two dudes filming a podcast in a basement, but nope, for the second year in a row they went with a weird talk show style conference with the desk on the wrong side.  Come on PC Gamer, we all know the desk goes on the right of the screen.

No PS4 Neo:  We got the reveal of the 4K Xbox One S but Sony held back their 4K console, why?

Microsoft announcing two consoles:  Microsoft led off their conference with announcing the Xbox One S that is coming out this summer.  It’s smaller, sleeker, more memory, cheaper that when the OG One launched, and 4K support, cue the Fry “Take my Money” meme, but then at the end of the show the revealed Project Scorpio, their “Super” console due out Holiday 2017.  This steals a bit of steam from the S because I know a lot of people who are going to skip the S and wait for Scorpio (myself included).  However, this is “Bad” and not “Ugly” because rumors were running rampant leading up to E3 about Project Scorpio and Microsoft wanted to get out ahead of them and control the message, so I understand why they did it, but, I think it will hurt sales of the S.

red dead


The Ugly:

Microsoft’s scripted conference, the live demos of MS employees as well as other game makers were awkward.  You could tell they were using a script (a badly written one) for their banter and it just felt awkward, Brazzers has better acting (so I’m told).

Sony’s lack of release dates:  Sure, Sony blew us all away with the amount of games they showed and some of the big titles they showed off, however, just about everyone of those titles said “In Development for the PlayStation 4” which translates too, “we’re making the game, we have no idea when it’s coming out, and what you just saw was more than likely prerendered graphics and not real in game graphics”.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved what I saw from Sony as far as games, but odds are we won’t be playing most of them until 2017, with a lot of them not coming out for a full year and a half.  Sony wetted our appetite with these games but then left us with blue balls since they didn’t tell us when we’d be playing most of them.

No big surprises:  One downside to this year’s E3 was there were no big surprises, one could say Quake was, though it was a cool announcement, Quake more or less has a cult following and aside from Sunday night I haven’t heard too much talk about it.  Pretty much everything announced was expected, one would say the big surprises were what wasn’t announced (Red Dead).  Not like last year with Fallout 4 getting announced (which had some rumors to it) but the big thing was when Bethesda told us we’d get to play it that same year.  We didn’t get anything like that this year.

So Who Won E3?:

I don’t think one publisher, developer, or console maker “won” E3, in fact all the showings were quite good for what they showed off and if I’m honest, this list is nit-picky because in the end we all won.  Console gamers; PC Master race; Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo Fanboys all got to see some awesome games that they’ll get to play (eventually) and generally everything I’ve seen has been quite positive on all fronts, very unusual for the internet.  So in the end, we all won.

So that’s our list from E3 2016, what did you think about it?  What were some of your favorite and least favorite moments?  Let us know in the comments below.



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