DOOM Open Beta

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The Open Beta train just keeps chugging along. This weekend the DOOM open beta went live and I spend a few hours playing the Team Death Match mode.  Once again I want to stress that this is not a review of the final game nor is it a review of the beta, this is just my experience.


First off I’d like to say that this beta was a lot of fun, I was on the losing end a lot I still had fun.  Unlike my experience with Battleborn the matches were fast paced and did not seem to drag on.  The DOOM length was 10 minutes or first to 75, unlike Battleborn where the matches were 30 minutes long.  Also with DOOM you’re playing with the same generic Space Marine and you can change your load out if you picked the wrong one for the map.  Battleborn, you’re stuck with the character you picked.  Others might enjoy that (especially if they found a character they’re really good with) but I don’t.

Also, playing the multiplayer, in spite of the level design, this didn’t feel like a DOOM game.  It felt a lot like Halo (which might be what they’re going for) and that’s a good thing since Halo is one of the best multiplayer games out there.  However, to give it a DOOM feel there are demonic runes that appear and if you get it you turn into a demon and are definitely OP.

The beta is fun and frantic, though, I do have one complaint, the maps seem a bit big, because there were a couple of times when I couldn’t find anyone, teammate or opponent.  Of course this is a beta so there might be more combatants for these two levels in the final product.

Like I say with all open betas go download it for yourself and have fun and see if you like the game.  Me, I enjoyed the multiplayer, don’t know if it’s enough to get me to buy the game just yet, but as you all know I do love me some id Software and Bethesda Games so DOOM very well could be a day one purchase.

So dear reader, have you played the beta yet?  What did you think?  Let us know in the comments below, and as always, thanks for reading.

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