Destiny: Rise of Iron Not Coming to Last Gen?

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Yesterday Destiny: Rise of Iron was leaked on the Bungie website along with the Xbox Live store on the Xbox One.  Other than details about the expansion something else peculiar was noticed about the listing, it said the expansion was for sale for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, it failed to mention the 360 or PS3, so does this mean last Gen is being left behind?


Destiny game developers have said in the past that the size of raids and vaults were limited on the PS4 and One due to the fact that they also were on the last gen consoles.  This also caused some lag, bug, and frame rate issues in the current gen games and given that the expansion will drop on Destiny’s second anniversary it would behoove Bungie to drop last gen to make the experience that much better for current gen player (who also make up 90% of their player base).

Also, given that the game is two years old, there is a good chance that players who played it initially on the 360 or PS3 probably have upgraded their consoles by now and this new expansion is a good way for them to buy the game all over again on the new console.

For more details on the leak, check out the Know below as Meg and Ashley go into more detail about what to expect from the expansion and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. I for one am glad the last gen is being left behind. The experience on the next gen was held back due to the game having to be made for 360/ps3. Bungie found some workarounds in regards to bigger vault space but the space should have been much bigger if they didn’t have to make it work on last gen. That is just one example.

    That being said, this expansion looks pretty awesome. It is going to be sweet to be able to run wild in the snow on earth as we battle modified fallen.

    • I agree about leaving last gen behind, a lot of Destiny’s missions feel short as hell because of that. There were several times I was like “this is it?” I expected longer levels.

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