Clash of the Nerds Top 100 Console Games of All Time: 50-41

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Welcome to Part Three of our Clash of the Nerds Top 100 Console Video Games of All-Time.  In this list we have games 80-71, for 100-91,  90-81, 80-71, 70-61, 60-51 check out the link Here,  Here, Here,  Here, Here.  Now let’s get back to the list.


50. Resident Evil 4: (Capcom) Many consider this the best of Capcom’s zombie survival horror game series Resident Evil and we here at Clash of the Nerds agree.  Bringing back series favorite Leon Kennedy we see him in charge of going to a creepy Eastern European town to rescue the president’s daughter (a lovely throw back to every 16-Bit beat’em up).  The game is great and is eerie as hell.  I haven’t felt this much tension in an RE games since 2.  There was just dread around every corner.  If this game has one downfall it’s the A.I. of the President’s daughter, Ashley, talk about someone who wants to die.

49. The Last of Us: (Naughty Dog) A unique take on the zombie drama, The Last of Us is an emotional journey which isn’t all about shooting your way through hordes of zombies.  Much like they did with the Uncharted series, Naughty Dog has taken a trope and made it their own.  In fact, in spite of this game being a zombie survival game, it’s not looked upon like that.  People talk more about the two main characters than they do about the fungus zombies.  With many a heart breaking moment this game has your character making tough choices and is indeed a wonderful experience.

48. Mario Kart Double Dash: (Nintendo) Many consider this to be the best Mario Kart game and I do agree it’s one of the best (not the best, more on that later).  One of the gems of the Gamecube, Double Dash was what the Mario Kart series should be, a fun couch multiplayer game between you and 3 other friends.  Also having two characters at your disposal was a cool new feature.

47. TMNT: Turtles in Time: (Konami) Maybe the best 2-D side scrolling beat’em up of the 16-bit era, Turtle in Time had everything we TMNT fans loved from the cartoon and the movies.  We got Krang, Beebop and Rocksteady, not to mention Toca and Razar and Super Shredder.  In the arcade this was a 4 player co-op but on the SNES it was only two player, but never the less it was so much fun playing with a buddy to take down Shredder and his goons.  This was one of my all-time favorite SNES games and I spent hours and hours playing it.

46. Super Mario RPG: (Squaresoft/Nintendo) Many game makers tried to make an entry level RPG back in the 8-Bit and 16-Bit era, but it took the coming together of two gaming giants to truly make an RPG that hardcore and casual fans could both play and love.  It took JRPG and Final Fantasy creators Squaresoft and Nintendo’s plumber mascot Mario to make this happen.  What at first seemed like a simple game has so much depth and fun that a casual player can pick it up, have fun and beat, and yet hardcore RPG fans who scoffed at the game at first found themselves sucked in.  Sadly this was the only team up between these two, but it did later spawn the wonderful Paper Mario series that fans continue to love.

45. Skyrim: (Bethesda) The latest chapter in the Elder Scrolls series Skyrim was Bethesda’s most ambitious undertaking to date that also came out at the right time.  Being released not long after HBO’s Game of Thrones was taking the world by storm a game of midevil warriors and dragons was ripe for the taking.  PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 gamers alike loved this game.  Where PC gamers could rejoice with mods (especially the Macho Man Dragons) we console gamers could only watch on YouTube with jealousy, however that has changed with the release of Skyrim Remastered, as now Xbox One owners and PS4 owners have access to mods (thought PS4 mods are fewer because Sony won’t allow certain kinds of mods on the console).  This is a wonderful action RPG and deserves to be picked up if you haven’t played it yet.


44.Metal Gear Solid V: (Konami) Hideo Kojima’s swan song at Konami (#fuckKonami) and with the Metal Gear series, the one he created that Kojima never cared about really (#fuckKonami), and it was great.  Sadly, in spite of it’s greatness, this game was never finished, a whole chapter featuring a young Liquid Snake never was finished (you can find it on YouTube) and a rumored return of long time Snake voice David Hayder in the end (since we was replaced as Big Boss by Keiffer Sutherland) as Solid Snake.  The open world aspect of this game was great.  It made the world (in spite of the weird Kojima stuff) seem very real as you go through out Soviet controlled Afghanistan and Northern Africa, not to mention your very own Mother Base.  Also, like many of the other MGS games you can run and gun your way through, go completely sneaky sneaky, or somewhere in between.  Because of this unique way of going about things offers a lot of replay ability, not to mention it just makes it fun.

43. Grand Theft Auto V: (Rockstar) The pioneers of the open world, Rockstar with GTA has had a hold on this genre as the king.  And with the release of GTA V on next gen consoles they upped the level of the game.  Playing through the single player campaign you play as three different characters and is quite wonderful, however, where this game shines in GTA Online.  The free online aspect to the game (which continues to get free updates because Rockstar is awesome) is fantastic.  You can form gangs with friends, or “legit” corporations or just go batshit crazy.  It’s a fun game that people are still constantly playing (which is a feat these days) and with it’s longevity and the fact that it just prints money it’s allowed Rockstar to take its time developing games like the forthcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 and probably down the line GTA 6.

42. The New Tomb Raider Games: (Crystal Dynamics) Crystal Dynamics was given the hard task from Square Enix to revive the dead and stale franchise of Tomb Raider.  A game that once flourished on the PSX had seen a string of very bad sequels and reboot attempts and was basically replaced by Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series.  It seemed like this series would never come back, but it did, and oh boy did it.  I was never a big fan of the original series, I didn’t care for the level design or the controls so when Tomb Raider was rebooted I just didn’t care, however on Black Friday a few years ago I picked up the Definitive Edition for the Xbox One because it was cheap and I thought, “what the hell” well for a game that I picked up on the cheap I was blown away by how great it was.  The platforming controls were great, the voice acting stellar, aiming your weapons were precise and felt like a Metal Gear.  Everything about this game felt great, and then its sequel Rise of the Tomb Raider just improved on everything great about the first game.


41. Fallout 4: (Bethesda) Fallout 4 probably had the best E3 announcement I can remember.  In 2015 many people expected Fallout 4 being announced, however Bethesda had a few Aces up their sleeve as far as the announcement was concerned.  First up they announced Fallout Shelter game for your mobile phone and then came the announcement of Fallout 4, which we all expected to come out in 2016 sometime, but nope, Bethesda then said “you’re getting it this fall” and the crowd went nuts.  Then we got the game and we all loved it.  Bethesda took the best from Fallout 3 and New Vegas as well as Skyrim and put it together in Fallout 4 to make their masterpiece.  When I got this game last fall I’d begin playing after I put my son to bed around 8:30 and then before I knew it it was 2 in the morning.  This game was that good, that addictive and just so much fun to play.


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