Clash of the Nerds Top 100 Console Games of All Time: 30-21

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Welcome to Part Three of our Clash of the Nerds Top 100 Console Video Games of All-Time.  In this list we have games 80-71, for 100-91,  90-81, 80-71, 70-61, 60-51, 50-41, 40-31 check out the link Here,  Here, Here,  Here, Here,  Here, and Here.  Now let’s get back to the list.

mario drinker part 2

30. Super Mario Maker: (Nintendo) One of Last Year’s Clash of the Nerds Game of the Year for 2015 kicks off this list.  Super Mario Maker is one of the most fun games ever made.  Usually games that have you create the game become stale and boring, like RPG Maker.  You spend all this time creating a game and the results just bore you.  However, with Mario Maker it’s simple to make levels and this allows for you to spend as little or as much time as you like making an easy or difficult level.  Then after that you have to perfect your level because in order to post it for the world to play you have to beat your own creation.  Two things keep you coming back to this game.  One, wanting to beat the more difficult levels that other people post, and two making your level fun yet difficult enough so that people leave your level stars even though you look at it and see that less than 5% of thousands of people have beat your level.  It’s a blast for young and old and I love it.

29. Metal Gear Solid: (Konami) This was the game to have on the PlayStation, from creator Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Solid continued the story of Solid Snake from the NES and MSX systems from the 80’s.  Kojima has always been a huge Hollywood fan and has tried over and over again to create the same feel in a video game.  On the older 8-bit and 16-bit systems he did his best but then came the the PlayStation and Kojima could finally make a game with cinematic feel to it.  Enter Metal Gear Solid.  This is the game Kojima had always wanted to make and finally technology had caught up with him vision.  Shoot, even the opening of the game feels like a movie, it’s actually one of the best openings in video game history and feels like a movie.  The game itself, though it feels its age now, was revolutionary.  Like previous Metal Gear games you could play covertly or go balls to the wall, though covert was encouraged.  At first it seemed like a pretty straight forward action game, but then it took a hard left and introduced the world to Kojima’s mind bending story telling.  For instance when you battled Psycho Mantis you had to plug your controller into port two in order to beat him.  Also, if you had other Konami games on your memory card Mantis would read them off to you.  It was really cool and tripy.

28. Dark Souls:  (From Software) Dark Souls, oh Dark Souls, a game that is as punishing as it is fun (fun when you’re not dying all the damn time).  A game that only the hardest of the hardcore dare play and probably is responsible for more broken controllers than any other game.  However, unlike a lot of difficult games this game isn’t unfair.  If you die it’s your own fault.  The game is difficult yet, but if you put the time into the game and learn from your mistakes you can defeat the boss that is handing you your ass.  Also aside from the fantastically difficult gameplay, the game looks fantastic, its setting and music create this Gothic Horror about itself and gives you an eerie feel throughout.

27. Halo 2 and 3: (Bungie) these two games (namely because of the way 2 ends) feel like one game.  This was Bungie’s swan song with Halo and with being a 2nd party developer for Microsoft and it was brilliant. They took what they did with Halo on the Xbox and perfected it with Halo 2 and 3 (on the 360). We get a satisfying end to the trilogy with 3 and if the franchise wasn’t such a money making juggernaut the series could have ended there and we’d all be extremely satisfied.  Also, the multiplayer was fantastic.  It allowed us to break about from split green and lan parties (though there is nothing wrong with that) and go on the internet to play.  Now we didn’t have to wait for our friends to come over to play we could all play with each other on our own couches (phrasing?).  These two games were the pinnacle for Bungie and had some of the sharpest controls of any console shooter.

26. Tetris: Probably the most addictive 8-bit theme Tetris was a simple puzzle game filled with falling blocks.  As I said the game was really simple but like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong before it, it’s simplicity and ability to pick it up and play and have fun is what makes this game so great.


25. Metroid/Super Metroid: (Nintendo) Metroid, the red-headed stepchild of Nintendo’s library.  The first two Metroid games were brilliant.  Nintendo gave us Mario, then changed up the play style with the Legend of Zelda, and then when they released Metroid, once again we had a different play style. A 2-D side scrolling maze that didn’t have levels per-say, you just simply went through planet and collecting power ups in order to win.  It had the most eerie music that really hit home the level of isolation that you’re supposed to feel in this game. You simply use your wits, Samaus’s arm-cannon and her ball roll, and that’s right I said “her”.  Samaus was video gaming’s first female hero.  Those of us who beat the game were blown away by the ending scene showing us a pixelated woman in a bikini was our hero the whole time.  Once Nintendo made the jump to 16-bit they brought Metroid with it and titled it Super Metroid.  Just like the first game it’s a lonely eerie game where it’s just you on a hostel planet and you must defeat Mother Brain.  It’s a brilliant 2-D game and they both deserve a high place on this list.

red dead

24. Red Dead Redemption:  (Rockstar) Red Dead Redemption is basically GTA in the old west.  Rockstar took the GTA engine and applied it the the Red Dead IP they bought from EA and turned it into one of the last generation’s best game.  We follow John Marsden as he hunts down his old gang because crooked Federal Officials are holding his family in order to make him.   The game has a great story and tight game play, not to mention giving that it came out near the end of the PS3/360 life cycle the graphics are gorgeous, and if you play it on your Xbox One it almost looks like a current generation game.

23. Overwatch: (Blizzard) Man oh man, when Blizzard decides they want to do something they go all out and make an amazing game.   Man oh man was I excited in the lead up to Overwatch, being a console guy I didn’t get to play in a lot of the early BETAs for this game but watched a lot of Let’s Play videos that Fun Haus did and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the game.  When the BETA finally came to consoles I was hooked.  I was pretty sure I was going to buy the game regardless but the BETA sealed it.  This first person shooter isn’t like Call of Duty, no, this is an objective based game where how many kills you get and how many times you die doesn’t matter.  All that matters is how long your team holds a point.  You have a wonderful and colorful list of characters to choose from all with different abilities to help your team.  This is one of those games where you shouldn’t have a “main” since different levels and objectives dictate who you should use.  Plus a full team picking the same character usually ends in disappointment. This game is so much fun and Blizzard constantly updates it with new maps, characters, and skins for free.  You hear that EA, for free.  It’s one of those game that you can jump in and have fun with no matter what.  Plus, unlike other FPSes out there, Overwatch isn’t afraid to have fun and be silly, whether is an intelligent gorilla,  or a fat man in a pig mask looking like he jumped out of Mad Max, or a robot that turns into a turret and who’s best friend is a bird.  This game has so much personality and is just so much fun.

22. Super Mario World: (Nintendo) When Nintendo jumped to the 16-Bit era of course they would bring their plumber mascot.  Super Mario World took everything great about all 3 8-Bit Mario games and did what Nintendo does with its sequels and it is they tweak it just enough to make a fun experience without messing with the tried and true formula.  Not only did we get better graphics and new power ups, but we also got Yoshi.   Riding on Yoshi was so much fun and I know made 9 year old me so excited to ride a dinosaur in a Mario game.  Not only did it give us that but we could also now pick up turtle shells and kick them up (which is a move you use to beat Bowswer in the end).  Also this was the first of the easier Mario games.  When the 16-bit era started it seemed like game got easier, this is probably a combination of better controls and less glitches made games easier because we weren’t dying for stupid reason.

21. Final Fantasy III/IV: (Square Soft) Final Fantasy VI, or III if you bought it in the west was one of the best 16-bit RPGs out there.  It was a behemoth of a game with a rich and twisting story that engaged you from start to finish.  It continued the form and perfect the Final Fantasy formula that began on the NES.  Square once again gave us a brilliant story, sound track, and battle system.  One of the best things about the old JRPG games is that it allowed you to train (or grind) your characters in order to make them stronger to beat enemies.  Your success was based on how much you trained your characters not whether or not you could make a difficult jump like in a platformer.  In regards to the story (and I’ll barely touch on it because you need to play this game) it was one of the first FF games that felt like an opera.  It had joy and sorrow, and a feeling of hopelessnes until you emerge victorious in the end and you feel greatly accomplished.  Also, Kefka is one of the most bad ass Mofos in gaming history.  Sephirof has nothing on him.


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