Clash of the Nerds Top 100 Console Games of All Time: 20-11

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Welcome to Part p of our Clash of the Nerds Top 100 Console Video Games of All-Time.  In this list we have games 80-71, for 100-91,  90-81, 80-71, 70-61, 60-51, 50-41, 40-31 , 30-21 check out the link Here,  Here, Here,  Here, Here,  Here,  Here, and Here.  Now let’s get back to the list.

20.  Smash Bros: (Hal Laboratories) The game that we all never knew we wanted came out on the Nintendo 64 in 1999 to enormous fanfare. For the first time every we got the majority of Nintendo’s lovable characters in one game.  It wasn’t like other fighters that were out on the market, it was meant for four players just to have at it and it was more hectic than your average Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat match.  Each character had unique moves and were true to form for their characters as well as move set hearkening to their classic games like Link’s spin attack or Mario’s fireball.   This was the game to have if you wanted four player fun on your N64 and as the series went on it just got better and better.  Also what was great about this game, win or lose you always had fun.  There are plenty of 4 player games out there that can end friendships based on the way you play, this one however is so hectic and fun that you don’t take offense if you get knocked off, not to mention it’s really hard to keep track of the score so you don’t even know who has won until the very end.  One cool thing about this game was that it wasn’t originally going to be Nintendo characters in the game, but  Masahiro Sakurai (created of Kirby) felt the game wouldn’t sell well without the Nintendo characters.  He also knew that Nintendo probably wouldn’t approve on proof of concept so he didn’t seek permission just made a demo and took it to Nintendo and the rest as they say, “is history”.

19. Eternal Darkness: (Silicon Knights) In our opinion this is the greatest survival horror game ever made.  From the start it is eerie and you feel extremely uneasy.  Games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil had scary moments, but throughout Eternal Darkness you are always on edge and there is this feeling of impending dread.  The best part of this game was your character’s sanity meter.  The scarier game got your character’s sanity would be in question which led the game to do weird things, like telling you your save has been corrupted and act like the game has turned itself off or your controls reversed.  The very first time this happened to you you freaked out.  I have always been one of those players who will save a game two or three times just to be sure (especially in JRPGs) because I’m paranoid about losing my progress, so when the game told me my file was erased I almost shit a brick.  This game (along with the above mentioned Smash Bros series) was reason enough to own a Gamecube and is still a sought after game that holds up.  If you haven’t played it yet I highly recommend it.

18. The Legend of Zelda: (Nintendo)  When Shigeru Miyamoto was coming up with game ideas for the Famicom/NES he had two main ideas, a platformer (which would become Mario) and an Adventure game (which would become Zelda).  When he and his team would come up with ideas they’d either be put in the Mario idea box or Zelda idea box.  The driving force behind Miyamoto’s idea for The Legend of Zelda was hearkening back to his childhood and how he would explore caves and fields in the countryside.  That’s why this game is not linear, you can almost explore any area you want and you don’t have to go in order with the first few dungeons.  It was  a new type of game to come out on consoles.  Sure there were similar “adventure” games on Atari and home computers, but they were never at the same scope of The Legend of Zelda.  Also this was one of the first games to actually have save slots and do away with passwords. It did so in two ways, one, in Japan it was originally on the Disk System which used yellow floppy disks that were re-writable so you could save your game on there, the West never got a Disk System so our Gold Cartridges had a watch battery in the cartridge in order to save.  Overall the game was fantastic, I still remember the first time I played it.  I was at my friend Luke’s house for his 6th birthday and he got it and he and I played the hell out this game. In fact that was all the party I remember, just Luke and I taking turns while everyone else watched us, in fact I might have played the game the most since I was just naturally good at it.  Anyways, this was the start of my love affair with this series and to date, I have owned every home console (not including the terrible Panisonic release) release of this series.  This game has been approved upon many times over with later releases, but you always remember your first and I’ll never forget the first time I ever played this game.

17. Street Fighter II: (Capcom) This entry includes all the 987 editions of Street Fighter II, because honestly it’s hard to pick which one is the best, and quite frankly I don’t remember which edition had which features, I only remember the “Street Fighter II” was the most bare bones.  Anyways, this was the game that started the fighting game craze of the 90’s which still carries on to today.  This was the first fighter to really have combos in it (even though that was originally a glitch) and it was a much faster paced fighter than any of us had ever seen and its colorful (borderline racist) cast of characters are great and each (except for Ken and Ryu) have their own unique moves and fighting style.  Back when SFII Turbo was on the SNES my friends and I decided that we’d beat the game with each character on their birthdays.  Fun fact, Vega and I have the same birthday.  One would say later releases of Street Fighter (Alpha and IV) are better, but this is the one that that really kicked everything off and will always be my favorite.

16. Star Fox 64:  (Nintendo)  A remake of the first game to use the Super FX chip on the SNES, Star Fox 64 did everything that the creators of the original Star Fox wanted to do but just couldn’t.  Mostly it’s a star fighter game on rails but it does have a few levels where you can roam around in the area which were always my favorite levels because it truly allowed you to dog fight, especially if Star Wolf and his crew showed up.  Also, many may not remember this game shipped with the N64 rumble pack so you could “feel” the game which introduced us all to “rumbling” controllers.  I think a lot of people forgot it was Nintendo that first offered that.


15. Contra: (Konami) I was going back and forth between Contra and Super Contra (or known as Super C) for this spot, and no not Contra 3 on the SNES but Super Contra or Contra 2 on the NES.  I played both and loved both, but I’ve found that most haven’t played Super C (at least until they get a NES Classic) but I went with Contra given that they’re both similar games and Contra uses the Konami code and Super C does not so that makes Contra better.  Basically Konami made sprites based on Arnold and Sly in fact if you look at the cover it’s stolen from Predator and Rambo (with a Xenomorph thrown in for good measure).  Either way the game is about two musculery men with big guns running about and murdering everything in their way.  As a child raised on 80’s action flicks this game was the tits.  I loved it and it was a blast.


14. Double Dragon II: (Akklaim) First off, it’s fucking unbelievable that an Akklaim game made this list, for the most part they made shit games, shit ports, and shit accessories for the NES (oh I had their wireless controllers, they were shit) but in 1988 they proved even a blind squirrel can find a nut every so often as they ported the popular Arcade co-op beat’em up Double Dragon II to the NES (unlike their meh port of Double Dragon that was only one player), at the time it was this shit and my all-time favorite beat’em up.  Pretty much everything you like in more well-known games of the genre Final Fight and Streets of Rage was invented here.  Picking up weapons, health pick ups, all of that started with Double Dragon.  Also unlike those games, Double Dragon didn’t just go left to right, it went left to right, up and down, and then right to left, this game made the most of the screen.  Typical beat’em up story, the main character’s girlfriend gets kidnapped and you and your brother have to save her.  You go through out levels beating up everyone up and finishing with a boss.  You were in a city, helicopters, jungles, and dojos, the game is awesome and so much fun.  Even though it’s only an 8-bit game it’s still my favorite beat’em up.

13. Final Fantasy VII:  (Squaresoft) Before Square Enix rereleases this game in episodic form (which I’m predicting will be a disaster) this was the game that made having a PS1 worth it if you were a JRPG fan.  Square took everything that was good about the 16-bit era of RPGs and ratcheted it up to 100 with the scope, depth, and graphics.  The story was very well done (though it does have it’s totally weird Square moments) and Sephiroth does his best to be the biggest bad in FF history (he fails, that will always be Kefka) by killing Aerith, which by all accounts was a gut check moment in the game, but it always bugged me that you could just use phoenix down and bring her back.  However, the coolest part of this game were the FMVs and the summons.  Seeing those on a 32-bit system was absolutely mind blowing.  I’m sure the comments are going to blow up that this game isn’t in the top five but this is my list and not yours so fuck you.

12. Sonic the Hedge Hog 1-3: (Sega) Sega’s answer to Mario was a fast, fun and colorful, but unlike Mario Sonic peeked in the 16-bit era.  Sega had been getting it’s ass kicked in the 8-bit era by Mario and Nintendo and when Sega launched the Genesis to kick off the 16-bit era they needed a mascot to push sales.  Sonic had the perfect attitude for the 90’s, he was in your face cool and fast.  This was the perfect mascot to set Sega from apart from Nintendo.  Sonic was fast and his platformer was all about speed and not really about collecting.  Also technically you could never die as long as you kept collecting rings, since when you got hit you’d lose your rings but could recollect them, so as long as you collected them you could stay alive.  Also what Sonic had going for it was it’s bonus stages.  They were in 3-D (kind of) and was like nothing we had ever seen in a video game.  For a brief time there it had looked like Sonic had taken over Mario because he was fresh and it was something new.  Also with Sonic 2 the game offered up co-op.  With a second controller plugged in your friend could take over Tails, and wouldn’t have to worry about dying, and the first player didn’t have to wait for Tails as the computer would take over Tails and catch up if player two got left behind.  Over all this franchise kept getting better on the Genesis, but unlike Mario didn’t translate as well into 3-D.

11. Mario Kart 64:  (Nintendo) One thing Nintendo did with the N64 when it launched was take some if its favorite SNES games put them in 3-D, see Mario and Star Fox, and then they did it with Mario Kart as well.  This took the SNES 2-D game and made it 3-D and faster.  The tracks are great and this is a lot of fun whether you’re by yourself or with up to 4 friends which makes it so much fun.  Again like Smash Bros it’s a 4 player game that you have so much fun that even if you don’t win you’re still having a blast.  Also, besides racing, there was battle mode as well.  This is where my friends and I had a blast.  There was this one stage that had multiple levels about it so what my friends and I would do is gather up all the green shells and shoot them to the bottom and then we’d head down there and battle while dodging all the shells as well.  It upped the difficulty and made a lot of victories more about luck than skill.  Like all the other Mario Kart games this has a ton of replay value because of the multiplayer.  You can play single player all you want, but this game was meant to be played with friends on the same couch.

Well that’s the list for this week.  Check back next week as we release our top 10 Console games of all-time.  Let us know in the comments below what you think of the list so far.


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