Clash of the Nerds Top 100 Console Games: 80-71

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Welcome to Part Three of our Clash of the Nerds Top 100 Console Video Games of All-Time.  In this list we have games 80-71, for 100-91 and 90-81 check out the link Here and Here.  Now let’s get back to the list.


80. Pac Man: (Namco) For those of us who grew up in the 80’s there was nothing like Pac Man Mania when it came to video games.  Video games were still a new thing and were developed for arcades not to have a beginning, middle, and end, but a game to keep you playing and keep you pumping quarters in it. Pac Man was one of the best games at doing this.  For those of you not in the know, the basics of them game are you are a yellow circle who eats pellets and are chased by ghosts through a maze.  It’s simple and fun and very very addictive.  I remember as a kid going to the local Pizza Hut that had a table top version of Pac Man and whenever we would go to that Pizza Hut my sister and I would make it a point to sit at that table top and would play the game the entire time.  After it’s time in the arcade it made the jump to the Atari 2600 and was the biggest reason why home consoles became a thing because everyone wanted to have Pac Man in their home.  To this day Pac Man is a game that if I want to game but don’t have a lot of time I bring it up on my Xbox and then find myself an hour later still playing because in my mind I can beat my last high score and then when I do that I want to beat that high score.  In fact this game is so great you can play it for free on Google, don’t believe me, just google it.

79. NBA JAMS: (Midway/Aklaim) Another Arcade classic that jumped from Arcade to console and continued it’s dominance.  An exaggeration on basketball was a two on two battle of the NBA’s best (minus Michael Jordan because of branding rights, so you got Horace Grant and Scotty Pippen, fuck you Bulls fans).  The game’s over the top announce “Boom Shaka Locka! He’s on FIRE!” and gravity defying dunks made this game so much fun for basketball and non-basketball fans.  It was what a game should be, just fun.  Anyone could pick it up and play and it was balanced so well that no matter your skill level you could probably beat the game as well as  your friends.  Most games were back and forth and close affairs that made it fun and unlike most games if you lost you really didn’t get pissed you just wanted to go again.

78. God of War:  (Sony) God of War when it was released on the PlayStation 2 was breath of fresh air it was something new for the system that seemed to only put out 3rd person shooters like Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell, and Navy Seals; 3-D platformers, and sports games.  For a time it was really lacking in true action adventure games.  The game was one of the best looking on the system (and continue to be on the PS3 and upcoming PS4 game) and played really well mixing button mashing with quick time events (one of the first games to do so).  Another thing this game brought to the forefront was naked ladies and off camera sex via a mini-game, I think this alone would have made the game a best seller, even if it wasn’t any good.  Another great thing about this game was it’s massive story of Anti-hero Kratos and his goal of initially killing just the God of War Aries and then later on all the ancient Greek Gods.  It’s a fun game that delves deep into Greek Mythology.


77. MLB the Show: (Sony) For this one I’m basically tackling the entire series since 2007 on the PS3 to the current iteration on the PS4.  The Show is the ultimate baseball series.  Graphically its damn near identical to what we see on television, in fact, Sony as a PR stunt had a demo of the game playing in a Boston bar and no one knew they were watching a video game.  However, this game isn’t just about looking good it plays fantastic as well.  With its rising and lowering of difficulty you can play the game the way you want.  Miss the days of the NES and SNES R.B.I. games where you just hit one button to swing and pitch, well you can set the game up to do this or you can set it up to be super technical where you can aim your swings and pitches and various other things to make this game as realistic as possible as well as setting up the game in any way in between the simple and advance.  It’s this that allows you enjoy the game the way you want to.

76. Aladdin: (Capcom) One of the battle fields for the 90’s console wars between Sega and Nintendo was Aladdin.  You were either team SNES Aladdin made by Capcom or team Genesis Aladdin made by Virgin games.  As a kid I was whole heartedly on Team SNES and I still am.  The Capcom Disney games were just better.  They were wonderful platformers that stuck very close to the movies that inspired them, had better color and visuals, as well as better sound.  Also the difficulty was more balanced.  That battle aside, Aladdin was just a fantastic game all around.  The game alone didn’t need to be an adaption of a Disney movie to be a hit.  Had this come out from Capcom as just some generic platformer it would have still garnered praise from critics and probably would have been bought in droves by gamers.  What made this better than the Sega/Virgin version (as mentioned above) is what makes this game stand out.  It was well balanced (something Capcom wasn’t great at, normally they were too easy or punishinly difficult), the graphics and colors jumped off the screen (it felt like a Disney animated movies) and the sound (music and effects) were absolutely wonderful.  Combined all of that with wonderful gameplay and you’ve got a winner.  To this day it’s still one of my all time favorite games on the SNES and is why it makes this list.

75. Sonic Adventures: (Sega)  Sonic Adventures launched with the Dreamcast and the moment all of us saw a video of it it made the Dreamcast the system to own.  Sonic hoped into 3-D in a big way, much like Mario did in Super Mario 64.  This game was a game changer.  This game truly showed off Sonic’s speed.  In the opening level where you race through the level with an Orca chasing you is one of the best levels in gaming history and what was on the demo disc that came with the Dreamcast so if you didn’t buy Sonic Adventures with your Dreamcast you went out and got a copy soon their after.  The story of the game hurts it, this was when Team Sonic started getting “deep” with Sonic plots.  One thing that Mario has always done well is even in jumping to 3-D it’s kept the game play mechanics simple and the story.  With each new Sonic game Sega has gone off the rails in gameplay and story and the Adventure games on the Dreamcast were the last great Sonic games.

74. Chrono Cross: (Square Enix) The sequel (sort of) to one of the best RPGs every made (Chrono Trigger) and the series first appearance on the 32-Bit PlayStation.  This game took everything that Final Fantasy VII and VIII did with graphics and full motion videos and turned them up a notch.  At its release in 1999 it was one of the prettiest games on the system.  With a massive cast of characters for your party and multiple endings Chrono Cross was a fantastic game and fun to play.  The story is a very deep one with twists and turns and at first seems to have zero connection to its predecessor, but eventually it does connect and for fans of Chrono Trigger its a very satisfying connection.  Like a classic Square RPG Chrono Cross has a very layered story that as your progress opens itself up to you in a very engaging and touching manner.  Also, this game has a fantastic soundtrack.  The opening credits to the game immediately hook you in.  Luckily for me when I bought my game from EB Games it came with the soundtrack, a soundtrack I still play on my ipod today.


73. Mario Party: (Nintendo) What can I say about Mario Party that hasn’t already been said.  It was one of the first games that encouraged four players to get together and play in a game that didn’t involve shooting each other.  Mario Party takes your basic board game scenario and then after each of the four players have their turns then they participate in a mini game to win coins.  The end result of the game is to have the most stars at the end of the game.  It’s simple, it’s fun and just a wonderful game.

72. Jet Set Radio: (Sega) Also known as Jet Grind Radio, this game is yet another entry that comes to us from the wonderfully gone to soon Sega Dreamcast.  Jet Set was the first game to use cell-shading for the graphics and when I first saw it I was blown away.  I wasn’t quite sure what the point of the game was but I knew I had to have since it look just like a cartoon.  No 16-bit sprites or wonky polygons for the graphics, nope this was something new and it looked brilliant, and honestly still does.  The basic premise of the game is that you’re in a rollerblading-graffiti gang (because Japan) and you tag billboards and other things competing with other gangs and avoiding the police.  It’s a fun game with a great soundtrack that you can download on Xbox 360 and PS3 or do what I did and get it for your Dreamcast, you have a Dreamcast, right?

71. Uncharted 1-3: (Naughty Dog) Up until Uncharted, Naughty Dog Studios was more well known for the Crash Bandicoot and Jax and Daxter series until they decided they wanted to do something more besides 3-D platforming and into action adventure games with great set pieces and boy did they.  The Uncharted series was a nice mix of Tomb Raider meets Indiana Jones.  Our hero Drake is a globe trotting treasure hunter/thief.  This game goes from cover shooter to platformer with ease and the Hollywood inspired set pieces of the game look fantastic.  The graphics push the limit of the PS3 thanks to motion capture of the actors and with collectibles abound there are many things to keep gamers coming back.


So that is our Top 100 Console gaming list 80-71.  Do you agree with our choices or are we full of rubbish?  Let us know in the comments below.

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