Clash of the Nerds Top 100 Console Games: 60-51

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Welcome to Part Three of our Clash of the Nerds Top 100 Console Video Games of All-Time.  In this list we have games 80-71, for 100-91,  90-81, 80-71, 70-61 check out the link Here,  Here, Here, and Here.  Now let’s get back to the list.

60. Conkers Bad Fur Day: (Rare) Nintendo has always been labeled as the “Family Friendly” system and Rare was known for their Donkey Kong Country series, Golden Eye 64, and the Banjo Series, so when Conkers: Bad Fur Day was released upon the world in all it’s profane glory the world was shocked. This foul mouthed squirrel gave us a fun and humorous and extremely raunchy.  But what also made this game last was its multiplayer.  After we beat the game, my friends and I spent hours playing the four player versus mode.  It was brutal and hilarious as you played as murderous teddy bears and if you picked up the ninja sword it was all over as you beheaded other bears and watch the cotton flow like blood.

59. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare: (Activision) Maybe the best of the Call of Duty games (in fact it’s the one that got me into playing CoD), Modern Warfare has a fantastic narrative and characters many of us came to know and love.  This game was also the first of the series to go away from World War II and really made the “modern” shooter mainstream, until this game most console shooters were either WWII or something futuristic like Halo.  Also the multiplayer was crisp and fun to play, not to mention it wasn’t yet intimidating (like it is now) for a new comer to hope in and enjoy.  Also to show the staying power of this game, many gamers have bought the $80 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Special Edition just to have the remastered version of this game.


58. Shovel Knight: (Yacht Club Games) When it came out last year Shovel Knight was the latest in independent publisher retro games.  This game combining the fun of Mario and Mega Man was just brilliant and in a year that saw the release of Fallout 4, Metal Gear Solid V, and Batman Arkham Knight, it somehow found it’s way on to many consoles and PCs, not to mention on many top five games list last year.  It’s a blast to play with a cool narrative and unforgettable characters.  In fact, even though the game was downloaded to my Xbox One I still bought the Wii U Amiibo because damn is Shovel Knight is not just a really cool character. It’s a fun platformer that has a few puzzles that you need to solve.  It’s challenging but not frustratingly challenging to where you’ll throw your controller.  Everytime you die you see why you died and you’re determined not to make that mistake again (even though sometimes you’ll make it again and again, and again).

57. Resident Evil: (Capcom) Probably the first survival horror game most of us ever played, Resident Evil gave us a new genre in gaming and gave us gamers something to play on Halloween like how videofiles have scary movies to marathon.  The controls today are extremely dated but at the time they were just fine for the new PlayStation system.  The jump scares (like those damn dogs jumping through the windows), plus the detail on the zombies and other creatures just gave the game an eerie feeling through out, and the prerendered textures of the mansion and forget about it.  I was in middle school when this game came out and it scared the shit out of me and my friends (probably didn’t help we only played it at night with the lights off).  Also the legacy of this game lives on as through countless spin-off games, the 7th game in the franchise coming out in January, not to mention the movie series, Resident Evil won’t go away.

56. NFL 2K1: (SEGA/2K Games)  The Madden series is the big dog in the football yard and has been for a long time (especially since they bought the NFL license), but many of us love the 2K football series  Back on the Dreamcast and Xbox/PS2 era NFL 2K was the football game to get.  It was more precise, better graphics and if you played on the Dreamcast you could use your VMU to call plays so your opponent couldn’t guess what you were calling.  These games were so popular, even a decade after they stopped making them online petition and facebook groups pop up for its fans.

55. Castlevania: (Konami) Back before everyone hated Konami and before Metal Gear was their number one franchise there was Castlevania.  You played as vampire hunter Simon Belmont and you were invading Dracula’s castle with your trusty whip to kill the king of vampires once and for all.  It was a challenging side scroller that gave us all of the classic Universal monsters in a video game and in a new light.  It borrowed heavily from literature and folklore to create a wonderful experience.

54. Mega Man 2: (Capcom) One of the first games I ever owned (besides Mario and Duck Hunt) and instantly made me a Mega Man fan.  From it’s title screen of Mega Man just standing there without his helmet, hair blowing in the wind, we were treated to game that took all the mechanics from the first game and vastly improved on them.  The best feature of the Mega Man games is figuring out the order in which to fight the Bosses since when you defeat a boss you steal his powers and each boss is weak against another boss’s power.  It’s an ingenious way to make a simple 8-bit game more complex, replayable, and flat out fun.

53. Gran Turismo: (Sony) The first real Car Sim on consoles Gran Turismo pushed the PlayStation’s graphics to its maximum and was just an absolute beautiful game to look at.  In the game you literally started at the bottom of the street racing circuit with a POS car that you’d have to win races to get money (and pink slips) to upgrade your car.  This game is what every racer wanted and loved.  Creator Kazunori Yamauchi took his time and a lot of love to craft this game and its sequels that take years to make because Yamauchi is a perfectionist.  The physics in the game are as real as they can get and it continues to be the standard in simulation car games.

52. Spider-Man 2:  Based off of what many people consider the best Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 2 the Video Game was one of the best open world games of its time allowing you to freely swing throughout the city to fight random crime on the street or follow the game’s story which was pretty much the story of the movie.  Not only could you swing from the city skyscrapers but could go all the way down to street level as well.  This game also had a ton of unlockables to keep you playing long after you beat it.  Also an added bonus in the training menu you are guided by none other than Evil Dead’s Ash aka Bruce Campbell.

51. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess:  (Nintendo) Released on the Wii and Gamecube Twilight Princess was an interesting take on the Zelda lore as always you play as Link but instead of Gannon (kind of) you battle against the Twilight world as it tries to encroach on Hyrule.  Because of this anytime Link is in the Twilight World he is turned into a wolf.  Thoughout the game you have to use your human and wolf form to traverse the land and solve puzzles (as you can transform freely later in the game) not to mention being mentored by the ghost of Link from Ocarina of Time.  If you’ve played any of the 3D Zelda games then you’ll feel right home with the control scheme of the game.  It’s one of the best games on the Wii and not the only game from this series you’ll see on this list.

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