Bethesda’s E3 Press Coverage Recap

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Last night Bethesda held their E3 Press Conference during Game of Thrones (on the East Coast anyways) because they apparently hate me, I guess.

Anyways they announced a lot last night and here I am to help break it down for you.

First up Quake is back Y’ALL!  Yep, Bethesda showed off a trailer for a new version of Quake.  There weren’t too many details released at the time but it’s multiplayer only built with the PC mouse and keyboard crowd in mind.  Also it looks like Quake is taking a page out of Overwath and Battleborn’s playbook by using a jobs system for characters instead of leveling up and earning guns and such for a character.

Next up, the long rumored Prey sequel is finally happening!  Released a decade ago Prey was a critical success and a bit of a cult favorite launch title for the X-Box 360.  It enjoyed moderate success and had a sequel shown at E3 several years back, then nothing.  There were rumors and mumblings here and there but no game (only footage) ever surfaced.  However Prey fans, the wait for a new Prey game is over.

Not much was said about this game, only a brief trailer shown, but it seems that they are rebooting the game instead of making this a sequel by just calling it Prey.  In a sense this is a smart move because Bethesda will get the Prey fans and won’t scare off anyone who hadn’t played the original Prey game by making this one a numbered sequel.

The worst kept secret of the press conference was unveiled, with Skyrim Remastered.  The game looks gorgeous and I’m trying to resist buying this game since I spent so many hours on the original Skyrim, but without a new Elder Scrolls being announced this might have to tide me over.

If you didn’t already order your HTC Vibe well Bethesda might have convinced you with announcing that Fallout 4 and DOOM are coming to the Vibe which is amazing.  Can you imagine walking around the Wasteland in full VR?  Holy shit I might not ever go outside in the real world again!


Speaking of Fallout 4, more DLC is coming our way with Contraptions which allows you to make well contraptions in your communities, Vault Tech, which allows you to build your own Vault and experiment on your dwellers, not to mention it looks like an HD version of their Fallout Shelter App for iPhone and Android, and lastly Nuka World where you can explore a Wasteland theme park.  I can’t wait for these to drop as I’m almost done with the last batch of DLC.

Of course the evening belonged to Dishonored II.  Bethesda’s newest game to come out this year they were showing off the gorgeous graphics, the new game play engine as well as all the new features to their surprise hit game from a few years ago.

Bethesda who never held an E3 press conference until last year has hit it out of the park two years in a row.  After Fallout 4’s announcement last year I was so very looking forward to their announcements this year and they did not disappoint.  Both Quake and Prey were great surprises and the games we knew we’d see announcements for still looked better than I imagined so just pack up E3 right now right?  Nope, we still go Rockstar to try and impress us, and a Red Dead Redemption 2 would be a good start.  Balls in your court now Rockstar.

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