A Big Change Coming to Final Fantasy VII Remake

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In an interview with Fatsumi magazine in Japan Final Fantasy VII’s director Yoshinori Kitase stated that they were changing the combat from turn based command combat (like in the original) to an action based combat.

Some of you may think that this isn’t that big of a deal but to Final Fantasy purests this is a big deal, switching from turn based combat to action completed changes the dynamic of the game not to mention the way you play it, especially since this is a team based game.  In a traditional turn based RPG you control all of your characters and you tell them what to do.  In this new action style you’re probably only going to be in control of one character at a time so the others are free to do what they please.  This changes a player’s strategy on who they approach combat.

For instance, if I have a player in critical condition my next move with my healer would be to heal them, but if I’m only controlling one character I’m at the mercy of the A.I. healer to do the healing.

Hopefully with this style of combat they allow you to switch on the fly by either assigning buttons to each member of your party or just by maybe clicking in the R shoulder button to switch, either way it will still change the way you approach how you use your team in battle.

As far as the fanbase is concerned no real noise has been made about this issue just yet and I’m not sure if there will be a big uproar for two reasons.  Most RPGs are action oriented anyways, just look at Final Fantasy XV, so players are used to that style now, and two I think the die-hard fans have been waiting so long for this remake to come out they don’t really care what the battle system is as long as it works and the game actually gets released.

With all that said, what do you think?  Me I’m a little disappointed since I’m a huge fan of turn based JRPGs and with so few being made these days I was looking forward to it in FFVII.

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