Nerdy Adventures: Cosplaying Part Deux

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Well this past Saturday I cosplayed at a convention for the second time at the Baltimore Comic Con.  Like at Wizard World Richmond I stayed within my cosplaying wheel-house and went as Thor, but this time I wasn’t alone.

Wonder Woman, Thor, and Star Lord! Talk about your Guardians of the Galaxy

For this con my son wanted to come along and dress-up as well.  He had a plethora of Avengers costumes to choose from, Captain America, Spider-Man, and Ironman, so what did he choose to compliment my costume?  None of them, he went with Star Lord.  Still in the Marvel Cinematic Universe no doubt but I was hoping for a little more synergy with our cosplaying.

It seems with each year Baltimore Comic Con seems to grow larger and larger and this one was no exception.  In fact this year’s was in a larger hall than it had been in previous years, so with the size of this being so much larger than Wizard World Richmond I’ll admit that in spite of my success in Richmond I felt some nerves creeping in.  However, just like Richmond it only took me a few steps away from my car for a group of folks not going to the con wanting me to take a picture with them.

In line to get my ticket there were plenty more people who wanted to take my picture and were very complimentary of my costume and my look.  My son, who loves to ham it up for the camera, enjoyed all of the attention.

They do exist!
This young lady's reaction made my day.
This young lady’s reaction made my day.


A few highlights from the convention were, a little boy maybe two or three years old who said to his dad after taking a picture with me, “daddy, that was the real Thor,” it was so funny and said with the awe that only a child could encapsulate.  Another would be this tween girl completely flipping out at the sight of me.  It was hilarious and for a moment in my life I felt like a Beatle.  And when I say flip out she did that whole girl trembling hand over her mouth “oh my god” that we see constantly in videos of the Beatles, N*SYNC, or One Direction.  It was a fun moment, in fact she found us later on that day and said she wanted to give me one more hug before she left.


Then there were two great moments my son had.  He spent the entire con looking for someone cosplaying as Ronin the Accuser.  Since he was Star Lord he wanted to take him down.  Towards the end of the con we found a really good Ronin and my son got his showdown.  However, before that encounter we came across another Star Lord and my son immediately challenged him to a dance off.  I can’t even describe it so just have a gander at the video at the bottom of the page.

Cosplaying at a convention with my son was a lot of fun but I learned something doing it.  If you’re on a mission at a con you can take your kids or you can cosplay but you can’t do both.  There were a few trade paper backs I wanted to see if I could find for a steal, along with some more rare comics like Amazing Spider-Man 129 (first appearance of Punisher), Incredible Hulk 181 (first Wolverine), Daredevil #1, X-Men #1, Giant Sized X-Men #1, just to name a few, but between my son looking at all the different toys (especially the Lego Mini-fig booths) and folks wanting to take photos, my search was difficult.


Don’t get me wrong I didn’t mind either.  I love seeing the joy on my son’s face when we’re at events like that, it’s a pure and innocent thing to see a child just go from booth to booth with wonder in their eyes.  And I knew going to the con in costume people would want to grab photos with me (I’m still astonished by the shear number of people who wanted my picture though) so in no means did I mind taking photos at all.  It’s just something I wanted to let you know if you haven’t attempted to cosplay with you kids while also wanted to find some hard to find items.

What also put a damper on my comic hunting was having to battle the infamous Chesapeake Bay Monster Chessie! What a fine foe he was.

What I wanted to do was get a weekend pass and a hotel for the weekend, but real life unfortunately got in the way and I could only go on Saturday.  My plan was to mostly scope the place out on Friday, cosplay on Saturday, and do my treasure hunting on Sunday.  Sadly I had to cram all of that into one day and frankly there just weren’t enough hours.


So my second attempt at cosplaying was an even bigger success than the first and once again it was a lot of fun, in fact even more fun with my son doing it along with me.

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