Worlds Collide: DC’s Arrow meets the WWE

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It’s been hinted at for months and then it seemed dead in the water but last night on WWE’s Monday Night Raw, star of the CW’s Arrow, Stephen Amell challenged Stardust (Cody Rhodes) to a match at WWE’s marque summer event Summer Slam.

Of course the WWE isn’t foolish, though he’s a good actor Amell isn’t a wrestler so they’ve teamed him with up and coming high flyer Nevill, aka “The Man that Gravity Forgot”, who’s signature move happens to be called the Red Arrow.  See what the WWE did there, teaming the Green Arrow with a guy who uses the Red Arrow.

Two on one, well that doesn’t seem fair, and you’re right it isn’t, so the WWE threw in King Barrett to even things out.  Why Barrett?  Who in the blue hell knows, but I think the reasoning being that originally the WWE wanted it to just be Amell vs Stardust but either the actor or the WWE wasn’t too confident in Amell’s in ring ability so a tag match was hastily thrown together.

Having Nevill  as Amell’s partner works, for the above mentioned corniness of the name of Nevill’s move,

but also Nevill wears a hooded cape to the ring and has been kind of billed as a super hero of sorts.  So that fits at least, Barrett, who is probably the WWE’s most under utilized heel doesn’t quite fit.  He’s the recent winner of The King of the Ring tournament so I guess the WWE wants to have him a part of their big event but didn’t really have anything for him to do.

Stephen Amell is a huge WWE fan so for him this must be a dream come true, as a fellow fan I can tell  you that I’d love to have the opportunity to guest in the ring.  Also, Vince McMahon has never shied away from having celebrities at his events.  Be it Hugh Jackman, promoting Reel Steel, and then back again for The Wolverine, or Jersey Shore’s Snucky, to even Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

Using celebs is always kind of a weird thing.  When they’re not into it it falls flat on it’s face and is just awkward, but when celeb fans of the WWE are brought in you can see how much fun they have.  Jackman, Jon Stewart, and Seth Green have been great guests for the WWE and they had so much fun with it that as a viewer you had even more fun watching them.  Jackman feuded and teamed with Dolph Ziggler and Jon Stewart’s feud with WWE Champion Seth Rollins even earned Seth a guest spot on the Daily Show, not once, but twice, with that second time coming in Jon’s farewell week.  So Amell’s Twitter battle with Star Dust has been a lot of fun for us fans to follow and I look forward to more back and forth between the two.

I don’t expect Amell to blow me away with his in ring abilities but Stardust is one of the better workers in the WWE and can make just about anyone look good in the ring so even in a losing effort Stardust is going to make Amell look good.  So in two weeks on Sunday August 24 check out Amell on Summer Slam on the WWE Network or on Pay Per View.

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