Why Most Movie Fan Theories Are Wrong

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When a large franchise gets a new film Fanboys scour the internet for every little bits and pieces of information and leaks in order to learn everything they can about this franchise they love.

Just from rumors and leaks people start to build complex theories as to what will be in the film and then once a teaser or trailer finally hits the internet then the Fanboy theories run into overtime.

The two biggest fan theories running rampant are with Star Wars The Force Awakens and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

In Star Wars the theory is whether or not Luke Skywalker has turned to the Dark Side or not (here is my argument against that) and then in Batman v. Superman the new theory is that the villain we see at the end of the trailer is not Doomsday but a character called Wraith.

For those who don’t know Wraith, he’s a creature created from Krypitonian DNA (which it appears the villain from BvS in the trailer is created from Zod) and can shoot heat beams from his eyes like Wraith and unlike Doomsday.  Also Wraith kind of looks like a cave troll from Lord of the Rings and so does this villain.

However, it’s more than likely Doomsday because general audiences know who Doomsday is and not Wraith (I’ll wager a lot of comic fans don’t know who Wraith is), and Warner Bros. has wanted to put Doomsday on film for a long time now.

Like in my Luke is not Kylo post I don’t hold a lot of weight in complex fan theories and for a few good reasons.

First off, most of them are too complicated for people who aren’t obsessed with a property to comprehend.  For 99% of the population when Luke tosses his lightsaber and says “You’ve failed, I am a Jedi, like my father before me” Luke has overcome his dark urges and is on the light side of the force.  To go back on that would confuse a lot of people and wouldn’t be the best way to bring Star Wars back.

Secondly, marketing.  Both these franchise exist to sell a shit load of toys.  Selling a house hold name like Doomsday is easier than Wraith, and selling a good guy Luke is easier than bad guy Luke, especially if Luke doesn’t show up until the third act.

Disney, more to lose on Luke than anything else.  Everyone went back for more Star Wars in spite of how shitty Phantom Menace was because we hadn’t gotten any new Star Wars in so long.  That’s not the case now.  We’ve had plenty of Star Wars and with a new movie every year (I’m not a fan of that either) we’ll be over saturated and if The Force Awakens leaves a sour taste in everyone’s mouth than it could really derail Disney’s plans.

bat v sup

Lastly, fans are just smarter and more invested in these characters than the film makers themselves.  Disney and Warner’s investment of these two movies is all about the money.  They want them to be good because they’ll make more money that way, but, their first concern is money.  Fans though, are invested in the back stories and cannon of these universes and will take a screen grab of literally nothing but make it out to be something completely different because they want it to be that.

The Luke is the Villain theory is a cool theory (also the Jar Jar one) but these theories are way to complicated for your average movie goer and your average Hollywood suite to get.  Would J.J. put that in his Star Wars movie?  You bet your ass he would, would he be able to get “Luke is the bad guy” past all of the executives at Lucas Film and Disney, fuck no he would not.

empire joker

Same goes for a complicated Bat v Supes theory (that I’m pretty sure the new trailer killed) that Ben Affleck isn’t playing Bruce Wayne but the mercenary Deathstroke and Jared Leto’s Joker is actually former Robin Jason Todd or Joesph Gordon Levit’s character from The Dark Knight Returns, because the big twist in BvS is that it’s connected to the Nolan Batman movies and Christina Bale shows up in the end.

Would that be an awesome movie?  Hell yeah, but it would confuse most people, and many would be like who is Slade Wilson?  Which is Deathstroke and no one would get that.  So no that theory would be cool but not work.

So in the end with these massive money making franchise don’t look for anything deeper on the surface.  I do think both of these franchise will offer up some cool things we haven’t seen yet (especially Star Wars) but none of these cool things will negatively affect toy sales.

In the end when you run a business it’s all about money, and any franchise is all about money and if we’re lucky we get people who at least care about the characters at the helm (ala J.J. with Star Wars) who will write a movie to satisfy big corporations as well as fans.

So what do you think about fan theories, too smart for their own good?  Or just dumb?  Let us know in the comments below.

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