WB Losing Faith in Superman?

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I want to stress this is a rumor, nothing concrete here, but honestly it makes some sense given actions taken by Wanner Bros. in the last month.

The current hot rumor that we got wind of thanks to Comic Book Movie is that WB wants more Batman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice than Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Is Ben Affleck’s Batman that good?  Well maybe, Affleck is very hit or miss sometimes with his acting.  Sometimes he’s great, and other times unwatchable.  I think there is something else at play here.  I think WB has little faith in Superman.

Not sense the very first Superman movie from WB in 1977 has a Superman film outdone expectations.  Man of Steel was met with luke warm reviews from critics and fans and it’s domestic gross was less than $70 million over it’s estimated budget, which to studios is a failure, and in a sense, as far as expectations go, that is a failure for probably the most recognizable super hero ever.

On the flip side of things, Batman has never been hotter for Warners.  Easily the weakest movie in the Nolan Bat-Trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises’s domestic gross nearly doubled it’s estimated $225 million dollar budget.

It’s no wonder that WB has more faith in Batman than they do Superman.  However, this is dumbass studio think here.  They’re just thinking about numbers and that we all went to see the Batman movies because it’s Batman.  Batman: Begins  The lowest grossing of the three (but my personal favorite) only grossed $205 million dollars.  People came back for the sequel because because Christopher Nolan told a great story, something Zach Snyder failed to do with MoS.

Other signs pointing to WB’s lack of faith in Superman is the fact that we got Batman v. Superman announced when we though we were going to get a MoS sequel, then after it was rumored that George Miller would direct a MoS sequel it was reported that that movie was on hold, meanwhile we get 3 stand-alone Bat-Fleck films.

Again, this is all rumor, but if (when) it turns out to be true I won’t be surprised at all.

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  1. It IS “dumb studio speak.” For all the nit-picking over the omission of the “s” in abbreviating “versus”, the questions over Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne, and the urge to cram in cameos by the entire Justice League roster, I believe that the biggest question mark is the story. DC has faltered in getting their characters onto the big screen in compelling and quality ways. The focus should be the story, NOT whether Batman dominates screen time. This is the foundation of what DC and WB are going to be delivering audiences for the next decade and beyond. If they give us a Batman versus Superman movie, then I expect to see Batman AND Superman, not “Batman (and also a little bit of Superman).” I still believe in the movie, and I’ve never lost faith in the potential for DC’s characters to shine. Just make the story good, and the seats will fill.

    • I think WB/DC’s biggest falter is that they have too many cooks in the kitchen, and not enough of those cooks are comic book people, same goes for Fox and Sony. On the other hand Disney lets Marvel Studios basically do their own thing. They have comic book people running the show and the buck stops with Kevin Feigie, where as there is not “one-guy” with WB/DC which I think will result in a bunch of shared universe movies, but with a disjointed feel to them. For instance, David Ayer’s Suicide Squad (at least from the trailer) doesn’t have the same feel as MoS or the BvS trailer, where as the Marvel movies (for better or worse) all have the same feel and tone, with the most out there being Guardians but you can still feel the Marvel vibe to it.

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