More DC Comics Video Games on the Way?

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WB Games Montreal, the gaming studio behind the wonderful Shadow of Mordor and the lack luster Batman: Arkham Origins, has a listing on their web site to two upcoming AAA DC branded titles.

Both titles are going to be open world games similar to their previous two ventures, but that is all the info they’re handing out, so obviously, let the speculation begin.

One character that’s probably not going to be the feature is Superman since Rocksteady, the studio behind the good Arkham games, heavily hinted at Superman with Easter Eggs through out Arkham Knights, and if we’ve learned one thing from Rocksteady, it’s that they’re not subtle when it comes to hinting at their next game.

So Supes is probably out, so that more than likely leaves us with the rest of the Justice League, more than likely the ones who will be having movies in the near future, so that would be Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, the Flash, and Wonder Woman.

With WB Games Montreal’s previous two open world games being close combat fighters I’d say this would rule out Cyborg given that a game based around him would probably be more of a third person shooter.

It wouldn’t surprise me if one or both of these titles are Batman games.  For one, all the Batman games have sold like gang busters, so one or two more of those games wouldn’t shock anyone, plus in 2013 WB Games registered 10 Arkham gaming titles.  Granted if we get another Batman game it might not be a solo game, after all the third Lego Batman game was really a Justice League game, so that could happen too.

Probably the next more likely one would be Wonder Woman since she’s getting the next solo movie, so a game coming out near the release wouldn’t surprise anyone.  For this one, the setting and plot would be key.  For me, if I were making it, I would make it a lot like the Tomb Raider reboot.  Have a young Diana learning and gaining her powers on her home island Themyscira and going through the Amazonian Trials to become Wonder Woman.  That would be a fun game with a fantastic setting and awesome set pieces.  I really hope I’m right here, because in just typing this paragraph I’ve hyped myself up for a game that might not exist.

Next up the Flash might be a game to tackle.  It could be like Mirror’s edge mixed with Batman.  This game could be pretty cool with a slow down or bullet time effects.  I think it would be a difficult game to pull off, but if done right it could be a new and wonderful gaming experience.  The only problem with this game would be nerfing the Flash’s powers because unlike Batman he’s not really vulnerable to your average thug because of his super speed so the game could be too easy.  Like I said, it will be difficult to pull of, but if done right it will be awesome.

Aquaman could be a long shot mostly because everyone’s least favorite level in any game is the water level, and this game would be entirely a water level.  So making a game that takes place almost entirely underwater might be hard to find an audience.

death stroke

My dark horse game though would be a Death Stroke game.  He played a big role in Arkham Origins as the villain and is a fan favorite villain/anti-hero that a game featuring him would be spectacular and wouldn’t stray too far from the formula the Batman games.

What I hope these games aren’t, are movie tie-in games.  Like for Suicide Squad or for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Mostly because movie tie-in games are usually bad because they’re rushed to come out along with the movie.  With Bats v Supes and Suicide Squad coming out next year and it’s more than likely these two new games haven’t begun development yet then they’d be rushed and piss poor.

Most new gen AAA games take at least 18-24 months to develop they would have to begun development last year to make a quality game that would come out with the movies.

So what do you think dear reader, what possible titles could come out from WB Montreal?

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