Mondays are Retro Replay Days!

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Good Morning loyal reader, I just wanted to give you a heads up on our newest column that we will feature every Monday called Retro Replay.  Every Monday we’ll take a property, say a movie, book, comic trade paper back or graphic novel, or video game and review it.

The point of these article is to save you from trying to reliving a childhood memory and having it shattered as an adult because something you loved once doesn’t quite hold up (I’m looking at you Go-Bots).  There have been times many of us have re-watched something from our childhood and our pleasant memory of that has been forever tainted. Well I’m here to save you from that horror by putting my own childhood memories at risk so you don’t have to.

The vast majority of these reviews will be from things that we enjoyed when we were younger (many of which we haven’t touched since those younger days) and review them as adults.  This weeks offering will be the 1994 Gothic classic The Crow staring the late Brandon Lee.

Does this movie still hold up after 21 years?  You’ll have to read the review to find out.

Because these are reviews of properties that many of us have enjoyed in years prior, our review scale isn’t as in depth.  We all kind of know what we’re getting into when watching, playing or reading it so our review scale here is pretty light.

Relive it:  We are certifying that this item is safe to go back to after all these years.  It may have some rough spots but overall you should still get a lot of enjoyment out it

Don’t Go Back:  This property didn’t withstand the test of time and is better left as a great childhood memory instead of taking it on as an adult and being sorely disappointed.

Camp It Up:  This movies isn’t as good as we remember as kids, but damn if it’s still not fun to watch/play.  You won’t walk away from this thinking it’s any good but you will have enjoyed your time with it.

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