Jeff Goldblum To Appear in a Super Hero Flick?

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Speaking with MTV about Independence Day Resurgence Jeff Goldblum had this to say when asked about superhero movie,

“I can say very little right now, but you might be onto something. You might be,”

Granted, this isn’t much to go on, but I’ll be damned if that stops me from speculating.   Just from the secrecy I’d guess he’s talking to Marvel.  DC and Fox aren’t that secretive when it comes to casting.  With the exception of Doomsday, pretty much DC has been upfront with what roles they’re casting and who they want.  Shoot we even hear about people cast before the role has been defined.  Same with Fox for the most part.  I’m not sure if I’ve even seen “So and so in talks for mystery super hero roll with Fox”. So I think that rules them out.

On the other hand, Marvel like to play things close to the chest, not wanting to show their cards too soon (same for their parent company Disney) and have even broke off talks with actors if they leak information about them talking.  But who in the MCU would Goldblum play?

Well, of the films we know are coming out that have little or no cast are Spider-Man Homecoming, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Thor: Raknorok, and Inhumans, as well as rumored Nova movie.


The three movies set to film are Spidey, Marvel, and Black Panther.  Of those three I think the most unlikely one would be Panther since from what I’ve heard it’s going to take place mostly in Wikanda (awesome) and I’m 99% Klaw (Andy Serkis) will play the villain in that.  So I think that film is out.

With Captain Marvel we don’t even have a director yet so I think it’s highly unlikely that they’re casting just yet for any role.  And Thor is almost set to film and I really don’t see any major role for Goldblum in Thor, because his acting doesn’t fit with the Asgardians and I don’t think he’ll play some random scientist in this movie.  His answer to the question feels like he’s in talks for a big role.


That leave Spider-Man: Homecoming.  Spidey, like Batman, has a plethora of villains and characters to choose from and Goldblum could play several different ones.  The often rumored Vulture (Michael Keaton would be perfect for that, but it seems talks have broken down) could be a fit, maybe an influential teacher at Parker’s school, Doc Oct, the Chameleon, or even Norman Osborn.

Really it’s up in the air, I might even be wrong about it being Marvel, but if I were to guess, I think he’d be an awesome Norman Osborn.  An no, I don’t want to throw the Green Goblin back on screen right off.  No, I’d like to see at least a full movie of Norman Osborn being a pseudo father figure to Peter.  There were some great glimpses this in the original Rami movie, in fact I think if we see Peter and Norman’s relationship grow throughout one and a half movies we can really get attached to that relationship and care about it when Norman finally goes over the edge and becomes the Green Goblin.  Also with RDJ in the cast it would be cool to see a Goldblum Osborn square off with Stark, they’ve had some great clashes in the comics.

So there you have it, my theory.  I think Jeff Goldblum is in talks to play Norman Osborn. So what do you think dear reader?  Who do you think Goldblum is talking to and what role do you think he’s in talks for?  Let us know in the comments below.

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