Captain America Civil War Trailer Breakdown

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Yesterday the final Captain America trailer dropped (sorry for us not posting that, tune into the podcast to find out why), and we’re here to break it down for you.

The trailer opens with two Russian soldiers opening a cryo-cell containing none other than the Winter Soldier, and on the cell doors there is a Hydra symbol.  So this begs the question, did Bucky get captured again after the events of Cap 2 or is this a flash back?  If it’s a flashback who are they waking him up to take down since that is the only time the Winter Soldier was active (the reason for him being young like Cap)?  My guess is either Howard Stark (who we learned in Cap 2 Bucky killed) or maybe the Black Panther’s father?

Then we see a meeting being helmed by Hulk antagonist General Thunder Bolt Ross who goes over the events in NYC (Avengers) Washington DC (Cap 2) and Solcovia (Avengers 2).  Tony Stark comes in saying he backs Ross and the UN and that the Avengers need to be put in check.  Now for comic fans here is our jumping off point for Civil War, unlike the comics it isn’t one event caused by reckless teen super heroes but by the culmination of the Avengers, though to be fair, NYC was an Alien invasion that they stopped, and DC was Hydra.  They’re really only directly responsible for one of these events.


Then we get a shot of Black Panther running down Bucky on a bike and using his sweet claws to slash our his tires, then a quick jump to Bucky trying to assassinate Stark, and for a moment I just want to take a second to applaud Robert Downey Jr. on his fine piece of acting there.  The face he makes after catching the bullet is exactly what you would expect from a guy who just escaped death.  It’s subtle things like that that piss me off that he doesn’t have an Oscar yet, screw Leo, RDJ is the greatest living actor (yeah I said it).

war machine

We then see War Machine getting taken out by a yellow bolt and crashing down.  Now we don’t know who did it, but there are only two characters who who shoot those, Iron Man and Vision.  Now I’m not saying it was Vision but if you look at Iron Man’s HUD when he yells “RHODES!” it looks like he’s tracking the Vision, who is team Iron Man, so does Vision turn or is he being controlled by Scarlet Witch, because as we see later in the trailer she seems to be messing with him.  Also, does Rhodes die?  He could be replacing Goliath’s death in this universe, but I find it hard to believe they’d show us a character’s death in the trailer.

We see a little hand to hand combat between Bucky and Black Panther (which I think will be another major battle besides Cap v Iron Man) and it’s interrupted by a helicopter firing on them, which Panther is shielded by his Vibranium armor, but the question is, who is firing on them, are they after both of them or just one?

And of course we finally get to see on the big screen Hawkeye firing an arrow with Ant-Man riding it, how cool is that?

Then we see Crossbones punching Cap.  Then a throw back to the first Cap movie when Iron Man tells him to stay down and Cap (as he did when he was skinny Steve) says, “I can do this all day”.

Then, what we’ve all been waiting for, after the title car we here Tony say, “That’s it, I’ve run out of patients, Underroos!”  And Spider-Man leap over Cap stealing his shield and cuffing him with his web shooters, web shooters, mind you, that are man made and not organic.  Also when he lands with the shield we see his eyes move, which was awesome.


Just a side note when I showed my son that trailer (who had no idea Spidey was in it) and at the end when Spidey shot on to screen he lost his mind with so much excitement.

So what do you think dear reader?  What did you think of the trailer, Spidey, and his costume?  Let us know in the comments below.

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