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Where are my manners, allow myself to introduce... ah... myself. I'm Josh, I'm a proud dad and I will probably write the majority of the content you see on this site (and editing 100% of it) because that's my background, writing. I'm an author of two books (Ripper, and Suburban Sky: American Tales) with books three and four on the way... eventually. I also have experience writing for various sites, including Bleacher Report, Redskins101, and more currently you can find me at Goingfor2.com where I write a weekly-ish satirical column. Here are the links to my books if you wish to check them out. Click here for Ripper: http://goo.gl/YGKNSj Click here for Suburban Skies: http://goo.gl/1zrZ6d So that's me in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy the site.

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  1. Favorite parts:
    1) Spider-Man/Peter Parker
    2) Ant-Man/Giant-Man and pretty much all of Paul Rudd
    3) Black Panther

    Bottom line, team Cap all the way!
    Stark caused all of this!

    When Gen Ross was showing the videos, how is any of this the Avengers fault?
    NY? Avengers did what they could to stop Loki. If they didn’t then shit would have been much worse. Washington DC? Cap saved the day again. Sokovia? That was all Tony’s fault. The Avengers played clean up on Stark’s mistake.
    But Vision’s comments are why the Accords need to exist though. But agendas change and Cap is correct. In the end it will always come down to who watches the watchmen.
    In regards to Vision’s comments: The might of the Avengers brings conflict, etc
    I’m confused on why everyone blames the Avengers for this stuff. Ok, so SW made a mistake and caused the explosion. But it isn’t like she did it on purpose. Collateral damage sucks.

    I really liked the interaction with Stark and Barton. Stark is an idiot on this whole thing and doesn’t realize it until the end.
    Then he gets pissed and wants to kill Buck once he finds out he killed his parents. It wasn’t him though. What about all the parents his weapons killed? What about Stark’s recompense for that? He shut down his weapons program and boom it is all good? Well, we know from the Iron Man movies and this one that he is forever in grief for the damage he has caused over the years. He tried to make up for it with the signing of the Accords I guess. He was just off.
    Now Ross and the govt want to lock up the Avengers? Shoot… they need to be locking up the actual bad guys.
    Bottom line is that the govt is scared of supers and hence why they want to lock them all up. I am curious as to how this will be shown in Agents of Shield. I need to catch up on that show.

    Spider-Man was great. I found it super funny when the comments about how he talked all the time. Holland was great as Parker/Spider-Man. Not too keen on the younger Aunt May but it is more accurate though.

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