Honest Trailers 200th episode: Paying Homage to Logan

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Honest Trailers uploaded their 200th video and they did so paying homage to “Logan.”

Now, it’s been a couple months since Hugh Jackman last performance as Wolverine came out. And it ‘cut’ deep.  And “How it Should Have Ended” took a stab at it too. (too soon?)

What did both videos have in common? Deadpool. Also, certain reverence for the character and (but mostly) actor who played him for 17 years (in a day of many ‘reboots’).

I’m a HUGH fan myself (last pun). I’ve seen him as other characters: live-on stage in “Boy From Oz” (which he won a Tony – He also hosted that year), there’s also”Les Mes” a few rom-coms (Kate and Leopold), and couple family friendly futuristic movies.

So I enjoyed watching his last performance as Wolverine, and appreciated how both Honest and HISHE held back. (Admittedly, the family sequence shortened?. maybe…but we needed a semblance of calm in the usually hectic x-men stories. Naturally the moment they relax, something happens.)

It was nice to see Deadpool make an appearance in both videos. It’s hard to see which video is more endearing: finale a la Les Mis.. or baiting Ryan Reynolds to help.

If they never show up in the same movie together as their characters, at least we have these videos.

Honest Trailers 200th Episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_SyrpYk-Ik

How It Should Have Ended: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIl_FiV8V6E


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