Doctor Strange: An Origin Story Now?

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Maybe about year ago Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said there would be no more origin stories with the Marvel movies going forward and for a while it seemed like that was going to be the case, especially when we got word that Spider-Man would not be receiving his origin story, that he’s already an existing hero (who was casually mentioned in Ant-Man) in this universe.

However, Feige has now said Doctor Strange will be an origin story.  I’m sure there are plenty of bloggers out there grabbing their pitch forks and yelling “YOU LIED FEIGE!” but I’m not one of them.  You see Doctor Strange has a pretty awesome and unique origin story.

Where most super heroes get their motivation because someone close to them (9 times out of 10 their parents) die, so they take up a hero mantle to right that wrong and try to prevent it from happening to someone else.

Strange’s origin isn’t that, and it would be a missed opportunity for Marvel to forgo his origin because it’s really kind of a cool story.

The basic run down is that Stephen Strange is a world class surgeon and kind of a pompous ass (like most surgeons) until one day he is involved in a car accident that mangles his hands.  With medical science no help Strange seeks out mystic help and comes across the Sorcerer Supreme who trains him along with Baron Mordo to take his place.  The two constantly one up each other until Mordo becomes evil.

See pretty cool and different from 99% of all origin stories, in a way kind of reminds me of my favorite Nolan film The Prestige (yes I know it’s blasphemy to not say The Dark Knight here, but the Prestige is just so fucking great).  So we’d be missing out if we didn’t get this origin story.

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