What’s With the Lack of Wonder Woman Advertising?

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Man oh man, wasn’t Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 great?  Yes it was, and in fact you probably were one of the millions (cue the Rock “and millions”) who went to see it this weekend because of the massive advertising blitz from Marvel and Disney.  Shit, I don’t even have cable anymore and I saw ads everywhere, it was hard to forget that the movie was coming out on May 5, 2017.  However, you know what movie I keep forgetting is coming out soon?  Wonder Woman.

Why?   It’s certainly not because I dislike the character, even when I was young and thought girls were “icky” I always liked that character, also it doesn’t hurt that a very special lady in my life is obsessed with her.  No, I keep forgetting the movie is coming out because apparently Warner Bros. and DC Comics has as well.  With the exception of Chris Pine promoting the film on SNL this past weekend (I wonder if the movie’s star Gal Gadot will get to host) I haven’t seen much of the film in the main stream.  Why is this?

I’m sure the SJWs of the world probably point out that the reason being sexism because this is the first female lead super hero movie and the heads at WB are sexist.  The latter could be true (I’m sure some are), but if they all were sexist they probably wouldn’t have made the movie, and the former is flat out false.  We’ve had female super hero movies before, some good (Tank Girl) and others god awful (Catwoman and Supergirl jump to mind).  So sexism probably isn’t the reason, let’s dig deeper.

If I were to make an educated guess it probably has to do with last year’s Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.  In spite of both doing well at the box office (BvS just below a billion and SS $745 million) both were not profitable for WB because of the amount of money spent on advertising.  I have no doubt that Wonder Woman is going to win the day when it premiers on… Hold on a second, I’ll go look that up for you since well I don’t know.  It’s June 2nd, yeah Friday June 2nd, which might be a secret, I don’t know, but I’m letting you in on it.  So yeah, I think this is probably the reason here.  Maybe they’re hoping enough fans know about it that they’ll carry the box office, and their will more than likely be a push two weeks leading into the film.

There is though, one other reason for a lack of advertising and stay with me on this, the film could suck.  I mean let’s face it, Batman v Super man, sucked and Suicide Squad is almost unwatchable, with Man of Steel being a decent super hero movie (I’ve learned to appreciate it more and more since the last two movies’ release) but not a very good Superman movie, so WB hasn’t had a great track record with the DCEU so Wonder Woman not being very good wouldn’t surprise me. So maybe the execs have learned from past mistakes, well at least the mistake of you can’t polish a turd.  Hopefully they soon learn that if you make a good movie you’ll make profits, but Hollywood is really slow to learn things.

So what do you think loyal reader?  What’s the reason for lack of advertising for the Wonder Woman movie?  Let us know in the comments below.  Also, June 2nd, the movie is out June 2nd, don’t forget, I think WB has though.

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