The Batman Movie Ben Affleck Should Make

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As we’ve all heard by now, WB and DC want a lot of Batman’s Rogues’ Gallery in it.  This has led to a lot of people guessing that we’re getting a Batman movie where he’s locked in Arkham with him foes.  Immediately I think The Raid, Dredd 3D, Assault on Prescient 13, Die Hard and of course the Batman Arkham Games.  What I’m saying here is that this is something we’ve seen many times, and given the track record for the DCEU, we’ve seen done better.

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to be that paint by numbers cookie cutter film, it can be better, it can be ground breaking, it can have something we haven’t seen in a DC film yet, character development, and guess what, I can do it better than what Affleck is going to do and here’s how I’d do it.


First up, what is the best adaption of the comics?   I hear many of you yelling “The Christopher Nolan films!”  Nope.  Some of you yelling “Batman 89!”  Sorry wrong again.  “The Arkham games!”  Eh, kind of close.  “Batman v Superman” You, yeah you!  You get the fuck out of here now!

All of those are wrong, the best adaption of the comics (and maybe the best portrayal of the character period) is the Bruce Timm produced Batman: The Animated Series that ran on FOX Kids in the early 90s.  Timm really got the character as well as pretty much all of the DC universe (and is the guy who I said should be running the DCEU) and he produced an episode of the series that not only built upon the mythos of Batman, but showed a human side to some of his greatest foes.

This episode entitled “Almost Got’im” features some of his best foes (The Joker, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Croc, Two Face, and Penguin) sitting around playing poker and telling stories of how they almost got Batman.

Doing this for a movie offers up a Pulp Fiction/Sin City vibe of story telling, where we have separate tales that lead towards a larger narrative.  It also does something completely different from what’s going on now in comic book movies, it’s especially different from what Marvel is doing.

This type of film making also lets us see the story from the point of view of the bad guys instead of Batman, and with each tale we get a different view of Batman, each villain views him differently and Ben Affleck has the range to pull off different versions of Batman as viewed through his rogues’ eyes.

empire joker

Also, in telling of the stories we can get views of different eras of Batman, some stories taking place in his early career, mid-career, and current Batman.  Maybe Catwoman telling a version of The Long Halloween or Year One, Two-Face telling a version of Dark Victory, Bane can tell a version of Knightfall, and we end with Joker telling his version of A Death in the Family which is of course when he brutally murders Jason Todd, the second Robin.

This brand of story telling not only will give our villains some weight to them, after all we’re hearing these stories from their point of view so we’ll be seeing them as they see themselves which is a brilliant way of character development, but also since the DCEU has decided to go with an older Batman it gives us a chance to see these iconic moments from his comic book history (some of which we know happened, like Todd’s death) and don’t have to make a movie that takes place entirely in the past (which they might try and use shotty CGI to make Affleck look younger).  Also, this allows WB to use a lot of villains in the film without it feeling overstuffed.  They could just use the four stories I mentioned and have other villains make cameos in them, like from Suicide Squad we know Harley in the DCEU was an accomplice to Robin’s murder, and shoot, Knightfall has a ton of villains in it so we could have the Riddler, Penguin, and Croc all be in that one.

Then of course the end of the story Batman pops out and arrests them all, or they can all just be in Arkham sharing their stories with each other in a therapy session or something.  Either way it’s a unique way to present a Batman movie, one we haven’t seen on the big screen and it takes the focus away from Batman and puts it on his most famous villains, which if we’re all honest with ourselves is what makes Batman the most interesting hero out there.  Not to mention in all four stories I mentioned above offer up unique takes on Batman, The Long Halloween is all about his detective work, Dark Victory shows him the reaction by the criminals to his actions, Knightfall is the man pushed to his limits and shows how far he’ll go, and A Death In the Family shows the unhinged vengeful side of Batman not to mention shows him failing.

So what do you think of my idea dear reader?  Is this a Batman movie you’d like to see up on the big screen, if not, how would you fit all of the villains WB wants for this movie in there?  Let us know in the comments below. And as always comeback for more nerdy news, check our ourFacebook Page, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

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    • I love Hush and I think it would be a good adaption for a Batman movie in the DCEU, however, I don’t think it should be the first movie for Batman in the DCEU, especially because of the scene in the books where Clayface poses as Jason Todd. I think general audiences need to learn more about Todd before that for it to have it’s full impact. But I do completely agree with you that Hush would make an awesome movie (especially because it focuses on Batman being a detective) and thanks for commenting.

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